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06-07-2011, 12:11 AM
Hey there guys, im 23 years old and from sydney australia.

I have always had thinner hair on top sincle i was younger, but in the last year it has gotten much worse.

5 months ago i noticed my hair falling out quickly, on my pillow and in the shower. my hair thinned a fair bit. since then i have not noticed it falling out however my crown is getting worse and worse.

My hair line is not noticably receeding but the top of my head and back (where the swirl is) is thinning pretty badly (esp the swirl).
I am pretty vain and really like my hair however i could shave it if all hope is lost.

so i gather that my possible treatments at this stage are propecia or rogain?
should i wait it out a bit and see if its progressing slowly or should i act right away.

I have heard some bad things about propecia side effects, is there a way of finding out if you would be susceptible to the side effects? im 23 and dont want to impact my sexual health.

if i used rogain then stopped, would i be in a worse position than before or the same? i dont want to start using rogain if this is as bad as my ahir will be for a while as its not unbearable. how long can i use rogain for? can i use it once per day or does it have to be twice? if i started using rogain could i switch to propecia down the track or would i lose the hair and finally could i go a few days here and there without using it without dramatic issues?

thanks for your help guys, i think i am not tooo concerned because i know someone who went george kastanza bold when he was 20 and still has no problem meeting women etc because of his confidence. saying that though due to my work industry i would like to keep my hair atleast until a better treatment comes out.

cheers. David

06-07-2011, 01:15 AM
Run a search on "The BIG 3" al the best