View Full Version : Water Problem

06-03-2011, 10:41 AM
Hello Chaps,
I recently come to Fulda, Germany from Pakistan .
I am norward 3 losing around 40-50 hairs a day in Pakistan.
Coming to germany was like a night mare for my hairs. Dandruff ,losing around 140 hais a day was in the first month .
Friends told because of water. Washing the head with volvic water now.
Calcium 11.5
Magnesium 8
Natrium 11,6
Kalium 6,2
Chlorid 13,5
Silizium 31,7
Sulfat 8,1
Hydrogencarbonat 71 (All values in mg/l).
After on month on the new water , still the scalp condition/hair loss not in control .
Request for suggestions for the improving my conditions.