View Full Version : From 5mg generic finasteride to 1mg Propecia?

05-29-2011, 07:10 AM
Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has gone from using 5mg of finasteride to using 1mg Propecia? About 10 months ago I started using propecia for about 1 month, Because of the expense, my dr wrote me a prescription for the generic 5mg finasteride so I continued using that at full strength for the past 9 months. I heard that cutting the pills would give you uneven doses and I wasn't really bothered with any side effects so I continued with this. I was told that you should see results in about 6 months. After 10 months, my shedding wasn't as bad as when I started which was about 1 year ago. Previously my hands would be covered with hair when I would wash it in the shower 60+ hairs. Now, i might have 10-25 hairs, which to me still seems like a lot. Also, if I hold my head over the sink with dry hair and pretend like I am washing it for a couple minutes, I get nearly 80 hairs in the sink. I decided to see about getting avodart so I talked with my dr. He was against using avodart and sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said that I might not be getting 100% pure finasteride from using the generic so he told me to use 1mg propecia. He also recommended taking Biotin and using Tricomin shampoo. I started doing all this 1 week ago, I know it hasn't been long at all, but my hair loss seems to be getting worse. Now I might have 30+ hairs in the shower. I know that there isn't any evidence that using more finasteride is beneficial but I have read online that some doctors prescribe 5mg after patients start to see no more benefits from using 1mg. This seems to indicate that at least some people seem to think that more is better. I am starting to get really thin on top and losing bad at the top sides so I am afraid to play this guinea pig game to see what happens. I am just curious of people's thoughts and opinions. Thanks!!

Note: I have been getting the generic 5mg and the propecia 1mg from Costco. I did find one story online where someone claimed that the generic pills from costco didn't work and as soon as he started using propecia his hair loss stopped. It was only 1 story that I found so I didn't give it too much though..... but maybe there is something to it....?

05-30-2011, 01:21 AM
When you got on Tricomin and Biotin and started shedding more hair, maybe it's just initial shedding?

You have to be patient. Don't pay too much attention to people who have good success within 6months-9 months. It takes 12months-18months to really start getting results. Realistically. Those who start seeing regrowth before 12-18months, are just lucky.

So when you get on a new treatment, give it time.