View Full Version : Switched from Propecia to generic brand Proscar

05-26-2011, 02:01 PM
I have been on Propecia for 6 years...really helped maintain my hair. To save $$ I recently switched to a generic Proscar... 5mg pills which I manually split to 1.25hmg 1/4ths. I did this to save tons of $. Now I dont know if I am paranoid, but i swear I feel like its not working, and Im seeing more patchyness etc.. ALSO, I def have broken out in shoulder and back acne since the switch. NOW, this could totally be because of the switch i am looking more for issues that I ever have. BUT I wanted to know if anyone else had experiences they can share. Ifit isnt working, or not working as well, I have a couple hypothesis:

1) Could it be becuase when I got the pills, I split ALL of them, as oppossed to just 1 pill at a time (which would ensure that I was getting 5 mg every 4 days even if each piece wasnt exactly equal). Right now since i split ALL the pills, each sliver is variable in the MG amount, so my body isnt getting a consistent dose.
2) Does the inactive ingredients in a Proscar or Proscar generic effect the delivery of the finnasteride?
3). Is the extra .25 mg bad, and make not as effective?

Please any insight from someone who knows what they are talking about would be very helpful I dont want to lose hair uneccessarily...if I have to go back and pay a ton for Propecia I will...

05-26-2011, 03:40 PM
i've made the switch from proscar to brand name propecia and noticed my hair improved (the opposite of what you did). i eventually moved on to generic avodart and then made the switch to brand name avodart and noticed additional improvement (again, the opposite of what you did). i think there is something more effective with the brand name stuff than the generics.