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Dr. Lindsey
05-17-2011, 07:11 AM
This fellow came in last summer and I recommended a large strip surgery, which in one session, would likely give him a great head of hair, AND, if he'd just keep his hair a little longer, the scar would likely never show. I preached my usual "we can't cure baldness, we encourage the illusion of lots of hair with surgery".

Anyhow, he said he only wanted FUE so that he could always have a crew cut. He's an intelligent businessman and I suggested he go home and consider the options before proceeding, as it would take longer, cost more, and possibly give less consistent results than just doing a strip.

He came back and started with FUEs in August. On our first session, we got around 770 grafts with a 0.9mm Feller punch. By design, and planning on doing one FUE a month for 3 or 4 months, we did the hairline and 2 horizontal "cross-beams" so that I could see what I'd put in at subsequent FUE's. Just about a month later, we did 750 FUEs with a 1.0mm punch, and I must admit, that even at a month, with some expected postop redness still around from session 1, it was a bit hard to see where to put the hairs. But at this point we'd pretty much done the hairline and some of the anterior 1/3 of his nearly bald frontal scalp.

He opted to wait and see how things went...meaning I suspect, would it work or not, prior to coming in for another session. This was ok with me, as I really wanted him to grow some so that I'd know where to put more hair...

He came in recently, now about 8.5 months out from the first session, which was growing but certainly not all the way "turned on" yet. We were able to get 1050 grafts using a 1.0 mm punch, roughly half singles and 1/3 doubles and the remainder triples.

Shown are lots of pics from preop #1, intraop #1, preop and intraop #2, and preop and intraop #3. At least prior to this recent case, even with very short hair, his donor area was undetectable and the use of small punches really limited visible scarring.

One might wonder why we got more this time than the first 2 sessions. I'm not sure actually. I suspect some was that we continue to improve. Some is that he wasn't nervous and didn't move, and some was luck...as I would have guessed that the third time in would have had equal or less yield than the first time. And, just to make it tough, he had green tea for breakfast!

He lives some distance away, and hopefully we'll get him back at the holidays for a grown out pic.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA