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05-10-2011, 07:54 AM
Hello fellow follicly challenged,

I am seeing more and more Dutasteride related posts, so wanted to share my story on them. I have been on Dutasteride for just over a month, 40 days to be precise and I have to say it has so far been a turbulent ride.

I started taking Dut as I believed (after 11 months usage) that fin was not working to the level I thought it might, I convinced myself that It was only just slowing down recession and by no means preventing it.

I started taking Dut a week after discontinuing propecia, and for the first two weeks on Dut all was fine. I had no sides and no indication that my hair was becoming better or worse, which was expected as we all know results can be months off. However, In week 3 there was a huge difference, I COULD NOT and I really want to emphasize the COULD NOT get an erection. I have been in a very sexually active relationship for 4 months, with sexual activities occuring most nights. But in this 3rd week sex was never on my mind, I would lay next to my girlfriend in bed unclothed and not even think about it, instead just sleep.

I started to become depressed, but decided to continue through this rough patch in hope that it would wear off and thankfully it did. Within a week of no erections I was getting them again, spontaneously. I was so relieved, in this same period I also noticed my hair (in the front regions) looking far far thinner than ever before. When wet I looked a norwood 3, when dry a norwood 2. Im still seeing hair fall in the bath of around 10 hairs each time and am now 41 days in.

What can I take from this?

Is this thinning a "shedding" phase, my hair certainly looks worse since starting, but im so perplexed as to whether it is indeed a "shed" or my MPB progression.

Any responses on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, SE19

05-13-2011, 09:47 PM
Sorry to hear about your experience with Dutasteride. It may encourage you to know that one of the side effects of taking Dutasteride is the initial shedding process. It's my understanding this was a very common occurrence during the trial studies... may be partly the reason why GlaxoSmithKline shut it down. The good news is the shedding is only temporary as well as the erectile disfunction.

05-14-2011, 01:40 PM
If all you are seeing is ten hairs in the shower and you are losing less than 100 hairs per day. I would say that is normal. Have you taken any pictures?

05-17-2011, 07:35 AM
I havent taken pictures, I'm seeing 10 hairs sticking to the shower floor after the shower, so god knows how many are going down the drain during the shower. I don't think its had any effect on my hair in a positive sense as yet, and am starting to believe I'm not seeing shedding but just my mpb progressing? is it too early to tell?