View Full Version : Is finasteride, finasteride?

05-09-2011, 11:00 AM
There are a lot of well educated physicians, representatives, and research loving individuals that may be able to shed some light on my inquiry. As most are aware, the brand name Propecia can be very expensive. As a substitute, I have seen and read where more and more are switching to Proscar. In an attempt to save funds, I also decided to approach my physician about making the switch. He was willing to write the prescription, however when I went to the pharmacy I noticed a generic had been ordered, made by TEVA. Granted it still claims to have the 5mg Proscar offers, but with it being generic, am I missing something? Like the title reads, "Is finasteride, finasteride?" That's what we are after, correct? That is the only active ingredient focused on when referencing Propecia, so why does Propecia continue to roll off the tongue when there are other products that can be distributed with 1mg finasteride? Is it because Propecia was the next big thing when it came out and so it stuck in everyone's mind, or is there something more to the benefits this product may offer, opposed to Proscar or Generic Proscar? It's just a general inquiry and one that may have been addressed over the years. I'm very thankful for this resource, but I am relatively new and have not seen all that has been posted in the past. Any insight is much appreciated.