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05-08-2011, 07:45 PM
Hey all.

I have decided to start using regaine ( rogaine marketed for Australia ) basically I have chosen to start using the foam is there a way to reduce shedding I do know that shedding is a good thing but I would like it not to be all at once ( I have quite long hair it would be noticeable) I don't really shed at all I find 1 or 2 hairs In my hand when I wash my hair and 1 or 2 when I dry my hair using a towel so not really that bad. I was just wondering what to expect. My scalp is quite healthy.

I was just wondering about "trx2" has anyone had any positive experiences with any pics?

And do DHT blocking shampoos or topical solutions have any side effects?

And what other things does anyone suggest?

Thanks for all the answers and advice this forum gives I have found already. Feels like a weight off my shoulders :) ( other then the weight of the hair falling from my head :p ) and I feel alot less stressed and depressed about the matter.

05-08-2011, 07:57 PM
I've been using Bosley "BOS-REVIVE" shampoo and conditioner for about 6 months now. I haven't noticed a huge difference in the amount of shedding but a friend of mine has had much better results. It's worth a shot.

I tried Nioxin hair products for a year and didn't notice any decrease in shedding.

05-09-2011, 03:54 PM
Are you trying any regrowth treatments?

05-16-2011, 05:37 AM
I've been doing Propecia for over two years now. It's definitely been helping by slowing down the hair loss. But, it hasn't completely stopped it. My hair is still receding which Propecia, as far as I know, doesn't help with. I noticed some small side effects so I lowered the dosage down to 3 times a week (versus 7 times a week). I haven't noticed any major difference. (My derm told me it was alright to go down to three times a week. But, I only recommend doing that after you've done it 7 times a week for a full 12-18 months. Propecia has different effects on people.)