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05-04-2011, 06:49 PM
so my dad is bald. i think thats where this part of my life comes in. I have 4 brothers which none seem to have gone balding except me. I was in my senior year of high school when i used to see lots of hair fall out when i would shower. And after that its an everyday thing. i run my fingers thru my hair and i see about 4 or 5 fall out. Not until i turned 19 was the age for my hairline to move further and further away from my eyebrows mostly around my temple area. it causes me to wear a hat WHEREVER i go. even if im at home. mostly because i dont know if anyone knows cause i kinda have longish hair. its not like i have some rediculous combover so dont think that. im not there yet. but if i pull my hair back its pretty obvious im thinning pretty fast by my temples. its caused alot of depression for me. like why me ?? i dont think ive learned to accept it yet. i always see myself moving away from everybody just cause i cant see myself being the bald guy around my friends and stuff. I live in the part of town where its cool to have edge ups and stuff and everyone hittin up the barber every other weekend. but me? i cant. Can i go swimming? no. Can i get on roller costers no? can i put on a batting helmet when i go to the batting cages? no cause when i take it off theyll probably notice. things like that... i have a beautiful girlfriend which im sure she knows but maybe she just dont bring it up cuz she thinks ittll hurt me ///idk if shes ok with it...she always talks about marriage and stuff with me...ive been with her since i was about 15. theres alot more to say but i dont wanna go on too long..u guys probably get what im saying. so yea good luck to everyone in my position. here's to hoping they find a cure someday.!@!!!!!