View Full Version : Ok im a little late but i need answers please!

05-03-2011, 12:48 AM
Ok im gonna keep this short and simple.

I am 22 years old.(come may)
I started losing hair at 18.
I stopped losing hair at 21.
My hair hasnt grown back at all but doesnt continue to fall out.
I bought Hairmax laser come and Hair Essentials vitamins.
I for some reason am so depressed about my hair but my lack in confidence in any solution keeps me from maintaing use of these items.
Every hair loss solution sounds so great....then like bologna.
I used to have Really thick hair.
Im losing hair not in patches but mildly on the top back portion of my head and pretty drastically over top of head but hairline isnt receding.
I would love to know what is going on with my head.
I used Got2B glued hair gel from 9th grade since about 2004.
I won best hair in high school.
Now im half bald and need help.
Too scared to really try any product cause they all have arguable results.
Thanks for reading and please post back!!!

05-03-2011, 03:10 AM
Lasercomb DOES NOT WORK. It's a clever scam. Very, very clever.

You have androgenic alopecia, most likely.

Finasteride, minoxidil and a shampoo with ketoconazole is your best bet. Read up on them.

05-12-2011, 02:37 AM
Hey keep the hair, I have read many of your posts speaking negatively about hairmax. Seems like you have made it your mission to bring a bad name to hairmax .. Just trying to understand why ?

Have you tried it ? Did it make things worst for you ?

I bought it and trying for a week now .. they way I see it, its just a few $$ spent in an attempt to keep your hair from shedding any further. Cant hurt.

05-18-2011, 07:55 AM

I highly recommend you see a doctor about starting propecia. You are very young, and propecia has been proven to significantly slow/stop hairloss, and in many cases regrow hair. Many people worry about the side effects, but I assure you that side effects are a rare occurence. Furthermore, when they do occur they usually subside with continued use. It is impossible for me to say for sure what your personal results would be, but at this stage I think it may be your best bet.

05-18-2011, 09:07 AM
Rupi - I agree with you mate.

It's funny, I know there is a major backlash against laser therapy, but I think it's unfounded to denounce it completely. I use it (amongst Fin / Min) and I feel it helps. A number of top doctors (Bauman and Charles, etc) have been on the show and referenced positive results they have seen from patients. Will it grow back hair?... probably not to be honest. But as a preventative measure, I feel it has value. It won't work for everyone, but then that is the same with any therapy. Dr Bauman clearly stated on Sunday's broadcast that he has seen a few examples when patients respond better to laser therapy than Propecia. Granted it's most likely the exception, not the rule but it's worthy of note. I respect Spencer's reservations and who knows for sure but time and time again I see Doctors voicing their support. Ziering, Reese, even Shapiro. These guys are heavy hitters, no doubt. My point is simple, as an adjunct, preventative therapy, it at least worth considering!