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05-02-2011, 10:31 AM
Hey, I'm 18 and might be suffering from hair loss??

Was wondering if this is hair loss, mature hairline or anything else?

Family background:
My dad was def. balding in his 30 (might even have started in his 20's but I can't really tell for sure). The thing is, by the time he was in his late 40's he actually had an OKAY amount of hair still, it had only receded in the sides and had only just begun to thin on the crown a little. But I have to say, in generel he had quite fine and thin hair - also in his youth. I can't really say anything about my dad's dad, I havn't seen for many many years! But as far as i remember he still had hair in his 50/60 - only a little bit thicker than my dad's - still a receded hairline though.

On my mom's side my grandpa had a great amount of hair even in his 60. Very, very thick and dark for his age. He only receded at very little bit, but in generel amazing hair for his age. My great grandpa pretty much died with a full head of hair, no hair loss.

Looking at my head of hair, I'd def. say it looks like I have it from my mom's side (dark and thick), but that doesn't mean I dodged the bullet and got my dad's balding gene!

As for meds, nah, if I'm going bald, I'm going bald, that's it...
As I'm still young and in the dating zone, do you think it would play a major role in finding a partner?

My hairline:
On this pic I have my hair very short (cut yesterday).
Besides that, I havn't noticed any shedding or anything.
IF I am actually balding, what am I on the Norwood Scale?

Thx in advance :).

05-02-2011, 10:56 AM
Sorry for double posting. Heres a view from the side:


(sorry about the quality, my digital camera just died, oh and btw, on these pics my hair is about 30 mm)

05-02-2011, 02:16 PM
It does look like a mature hairline, but you are quite young to be developing a mature hairline and I would be willing to bet that it will progress over time. As you are though it looks fine, IMO. You sound like you aren't going to stress too much over it, which is good.
Will it effect your ability to find a partner? The biggest way it could impact upon this is if it causes a big change to your personality and confidence levels.

05-02-2011, 02:55 PM
Thx for the reply :). Btw, at what age does a mature hairline normally occur, and how much more do you think it will progess? More answers are appreciated ^^.

As for my confidence I'm okay with it, I usually wear a short hairstyle anyway.