View Full Version : Shock loss of previously transplanted hair?

05-01-2011, 08:11 AM
Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this and would like to know if anyone has had the same experience as I have had, and if anyone has any advice. I decided a while ago to have my hairline lowered, I have a full head of hair and no balding, but my forehead was quite high, so I had transplants to create a new hairline.
I was very satisfied with the shape of the new hairline, it is a very natural looking widow's peak. However, it was still sparse after three transplants, and I was tired of using Toppik, so I went ahead and had another transplant, this is two and a half weeks ago. At first, it looked terrific, I was thrilled at the density and the look of it, especially when it was wet. But in the last few days, my former grafts, which I thought were shockproof, began to fall in clumps (with the scabs usually). I dread washing my hair because of the hair left in my hands when I shampoo. Now I look worse than before the transplant.
Doctor says it will grow back, the shock is due to grafting so close to the former grafts..
Anybody had similar experience?

05-01-2011, 10:58 AM
They will grow back, don't worry

05-01-2011, 11:04 AM
Thanks for reassuring me because I'm freaking out. This did not happen after my previous transplants, but then I guess it was because the grafts were further apart.

Dr. Glenn Charles
05-05-2011, 08:41 PM
Previously transplanted hairs do not shock as easily as a weak unhealthy hair, but can indeed fall out post operatively due to shock. For the most part this will be a temporary situation. I have see this effect more commonly in the hairline area. Hang in there and try to remain positive.

05-06-2011, 07:31 AM
Dear Dr. Glenn: Thanks, this encourages me a lot, as does Silver Surfer's response. It's just so strange that I never experienced shock loss in my previous HT. And it is indeed in the hairline area, which looks pretty bad these days.

And since I have to return in front of the camera in a couple of months, I'm nervous. No amount of Toppik can make it look natural so far, and trust me, I could write a book; OK, maybe not a book, but a pamphlet, or a video, on how to apply Toppik. I use three shades, and prior to my last HT, it was absolutely undetectable. Now, if I try to camouflage the sparseness, it looks like I have a ton of powder sitting on my scalp, not so hot, especially in daylight.

I hope I made the right decision in this last HT. I'm pretty sure I did.Time will tell. I wish I could fast forward to that time! :)

Thanks so much, I am grateful I joined this forum.