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losin it
04-29-2011, 03:27 PM
Hello everyone,
Welp, Iíve finally had enough of this to post. First, Iíd like to say thanks up front to all of those who have posted on their fight against hair loss. Your words of encouragement are incredibly helpful. Thankfully, Iím not the only one. Iíd like to give you guys a little background, ask for some advice, ask some questionsÖand possibly vent some frustration (haha!)

Background:Iím 27 year old, normal guy here. Workout regularly, eat right, generally enjoy life and take pretty darn good care of myself. I started to notice a little hair loss at about the start of 25, really only frontal loss. Didnít think too much of it, as it wasnít anything major. I finally decided to start Rogaine at 26 (beginning of 2010) as the loss was getting more and more noticeable. Preventative maintenanceÖ or so I thought. I hated it. Rogaine was gross, messy, and overall just a pain (even the foam). I used it for about 3 months and quit. I started propecia (finasteride) of January 15, 2011. Family history: my dad is 80% bald, so Iím sure thatís where its coming from.

Currently:Since I began the finasteride this year (Jan 2011) Iíve noticed a significant amount of hair loss. After some research Iím hoping that this is the ďsheddingĒ phase. Guys Öthis REALLY sucks.
-Before, I would say I was losing 5-8 hairs a day max. Now itís probably 25+ at least.
-Its getting bad on the frontal area and thinning back towards the middle. The back is ok for now. Certainly a lot thinner than it used to be.
-Could someone please shed some light on shedding? (Iím almost 4 months in, and it doesnít look to be slowing down) Is this hair gone forever? Is it in some sort of ďrestingĒ phaseÖ and growing back?

Vent:In all honesty, I canít believe Iím letting something as ďtrivialĒ as hair loss effect me, but I canít help it.
This is seriously effecting me psychologically . Lets be honest here guys, society deems balding men certainly less, er, uh, appealing than those with a head full of hair. Hereís a little rundown of my day:
-I wake up: 3-4 hairs on my pillow
-Shower : 4-5 hairs on my hand
-Dry my hair: 4-5 hairs on the towel
Forget EVER running my hand through my hair, thatíll friggin yank out another 4-5.
-Finding hairs on my keyboard at work
-Hairs on my shirt, falling in my face EVERYday
-Hairs all over my sink
Thereís nothing worse than watching this sh*t happen, and KNOWING there really nothing you can do about it. Itís like Iím quite literally falling apart. I avoid wind and water like the plague. I look, at best decent, with completely dry hair sweeping it forward. HUGE shot in confidence fellas. I mean Iím a good lookin guy, dating a good lookin girl. Still, I feel that itís very noticeable at this point.
I know, I know, suck it up right? Well, thatís very hard. And itís hard to explain to any people my age, cause theyíve all got great hair.
I see friends complain (mostly women) all the time about ďbeing overweight/getting fatĒ. Well.... go workout! THAT is something totally controllable! Man, I almost just yanked some hairs out my head the other day out of frustration!
Anyway. I may be making a mountain out of a molehill. Some of it may be overreacting out of shock. I really am hopeful for the best. Not looking for sympathy here, just some hope and honesty.:)
-4 months in on finasteride
-At the height of shedding?
-Will these ďsheddedĒ hairs come back?
-Anyone with pics/success stories? (6/12 months?)
Thanks again everyone for listening. This site is a wonderful thing. Iíll keep ya updated.