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04-29-2011, 07:23 AM
I live in the UK and intend getting a hair transplant in 9 months to a years time.

Though I'm prepared to travel, I would if possible prefer to get it done closer to home (though its not a deal breaker). So first choice would be the UK or continental Europe.

I have a small list which I want to eventually whittle down to 2 or 3 and then make contact and then make a final choice.

My list, so far are all members of the IAHRS. Though not a final list, these include:
Dr's Hasson & Wong
Dr. Feller
Dr's. Ron & Paul Shapiro
Dr. Dr. Feriduni
Dr. Farjo

1) I was also considering Dr. Christian Bisanga at the BHR Clinic in Belguim. He seems to have a good reputation but he doesn't seem to be a member of IAHRS. What other organizations, if any are as reputable as IAHRS?

2) Secondly, I was reading another thread about someone being in immense pain five weeks after the procedure. It occured to me that if this was to happen to me, and I had to go back to see the HT surgeon it would be a lot easier to fly to continental Europe than say Canada or the US from the UK.

Would I be able to see my GP? How often do patients need to go back to see the HT surgeon? Would the HT surgeon ever liaise with a patients GP? How is this usually handled?

3) On average how many months before my procedure would I need to sign up? Whats the average waiting list time?


04-29-2011, 07:44 AM
I think itís smart to consider being as close to your hair transplant surgeon as possible just in case you have any complications. There is nothing wrong with traveling if you feel more comfortable with a specific doctor, but I would personally prefer to be as close to my doctor as possible for post operative care.
All of the doctors on your list have great reputations. A couple are more active online so they get more visibility and patient testimonials, but if they are in the IAHRS they are all highly qualified. The IAHRS is the elite organization of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world, but I have heard Spencer Kobren say on his show that there are a couple of good ones who might have slipped through the cracks. I have read good things about Dr. Bisanga, so heís probably worth considering.

05-05-2011, 11:22 AM
Hi, I am based in the UK and represent Dr Feller and Dr Lindsey.

Your list is a good one.:cool:

Your GP will no little to nothing about HT's i can assure you - they will more than likely never heard of Finasteride either.

I liase with several UK guys a week who fly over to see either docs and pain is rarely an issue. Try not worry too much about that in all honesty as there are meds to help in the short term whilst in transit if needed.

Generally and i can not speak for other clinics but Dr Feller is booked up 3 months in advance and Dr Lindsey 2.

Hope this helps