View Full Version : Please Help, only 17!

04-28-2011, 09:50 PM
I'm only 17 and my hair has dramatically thinned over the past few years. I had very thick hair ever since I could remember. I started styling my hair in 6th grade & I remember I once even considered getting it thinned out because it was so thick & unmanageable.

I started noticing my thinning hair about 2 years ago, but these past few months it's gotten a million times worse.

The type of thinning is diffuse, and I don't have any bald spots anywhere..yet. It frustrates me because I see friends and cousins who damage their hair worse than I ever did, yet their hair isn't nearly as thin as mine. I've never bleached or dyed my hair, or gotten a chemical relaxer.

I did frequently curl and straighten my hair, though I've heard that only damages the hair, not the follicle, thus can't cause permanent damage.

I do take Concerta to treat my ADHD, and I started a few months ago...could this be the culprit? Could it be my hormone levels? I've been breaking out lately as well.

Please help me figure out what the problem could be so I could try my best to fix it before it gets worse... I really need some answers. Thanks.

09-02-2011, 01:07 AM
hey dude.. you should try rogaine..

im 18 myself

the only thing is..

once your on rogaine dont stop or else youll be ****ed.

like i am