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04-26-2011, 02:45 PM
I just saw a before and after pic of this guy. What happened haha? Was that all HT? That guy has a mop. Is that fake or does he have pieces also. Does anyone know?

04-26-2011, 06:09 PM
Guess nobody knows. I would like to do what he did.

04-27-2011, 12:47 AM
He has a blog - basically this guy had a horrible transplant at some point in the 90s before finding Hasson and Wong, and has since had something like 3 or 4 surgeries with Dr. Wong. I don't have a link to the site. Try typing "jotronic" and "blog" into google.

04-27-2011, 11:36 AM
Are you serious? That's crazy! I mean he was completely bald, not sure if he was a nw7 but for sure a nw6. I probably would have thought he wasn't a good candidate. Why can't everyone get results like him. Unless there is a secret and maybe it dont look as good in person. This is why it makes it so hard to get a HT. You don't know what you going to get.

04-27-2011, 12:40 PM

I appreciate your comments. I'm pretty much the most documented patient on the web. I started the first real documentation showing not only the before and the after but what happens in between. This was over nine years ago that my first website was started. The current version of my documentation is found www.hairtransplantmentor.com.

Here is my progression...

Age 22, before any work...


Age 25 after two procedures by Dr. Richard Norris of Knoxville, Tn. The image is a film scan so it is somewhat blurry but you can just make out the hairline being pluggy. My crown was going too.


Age 31, all my hair is gone except the pluggy hairline.


Right before going to Vancouver for my first procedure and my introduction to Dr. Wong...


Seven months later...


9 months later, right before procedure #2...


I think six months later...

One year after #3...




After haircut and color...


Currently six months after #4, 19 years after I had my first two procedures with Dr. Norris.




There are over 1000 images of me online with various hair styles and colors (yes I've highlighted and colored my hair too).

Here's the thing. It's an illusion. My density is not what it appears to be. However, the real deal is the coverage. They are not one in the same. With better coverage comes the illusion of density. There is no such thing as an illusion of coverage. If the scalp is covered, it's coverage. Period.

I was talking about this with a patient the other day and I was explaining how the appearance of good hair transplants work and what the pros and cons are. Here is the breakdown.

A good hair transplant on a patient that has aggressive hair like me does not allow for real density front to back. The approach by a great surgeon is one that allows for good coverage. Density for patients like me will always be relatively low however the lack of irregular thinning patterns like found on diffuse thinners means that each graft gives relatively equal coverage as the next graft for the area surrounding it. Usually this means coverage in front of a graft. There is a method to the madness where a series of relatively equal spaces allows for a consistency, albeit low density, across a given area.

Couple the above approach to the fact that transplanted hairs have a stronger and thicker caliber than hairs that are miniaturized due to DHT and you have good coverage. The lateral slit technique also plays a part because of how the incisions, when made properly, force multi-hair grafts to "splay" across the top of the scalp like the tail of a pea****. The effect is oftentimes compared to shingles on a roof. The grafts overlap and spread out over the grafts in front of them.

Relatively equal spacing, lateral slit, stronger terminal hairs, and of course big numbers allow me to have the result I have. I'm also considered by Dr. Wong to be a mutant in that my scalp continues to regain an amount of laxity that allows for more tissue to be removed. After 9360 grafts with Dr. Wong my laxity is still good.

In no way however does my result allow me to mimic hair styles of those with true full heads of hair. I can pull off many hair styles but my lack of true density prevents me from having complete 100% freedom to pull off any hair style I want without fear. However, the key here is that not only CAN I style my hair in numerous ways I HAVE to style my hair so that it looks good. In the end, it is a numbers game and no one has enough hair in their donor area to replace each hair lost on a one to one ratio.

So, to answer your initial question, no it is not fake, it is not a wig and I do not use concealers. It is 9360 grafts by one of the top doctors in the world, the inventor of the lateral slit technique, and styled to look it's best, as it should be.

04-27-2011, 01:47 PM
Thanks jo! Is there a way where I can privately message you? I wanted to ask you some questions. I need expert advice. You seem to have much experience.

04-27-2011, 01:49 PM