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04-25-2011, 10:57 AM
This is my first post, but I have spent a lot of time trying to get as familiar with this site as possible. I assume this topic has been touched on in the past, but I have been unable to see anything for myself.
I have been considering Propecia for a while now, but have not requested a prescription from anyone at this time. I was curious if anyone could shed some information from personal experience on the effectiveness of Propecia and Proscar. I'd like to know if Propecia is effective on someone, will Proscar also work and vice-versa? Obviously the price difference helps to generate this question.
In addition, I do not have a personal physician. My mother-in-law works as a receptionist for an Urgent Clinic, so if there is a sickness, we will go there. I say that to say, I don't have anyone to prescribe Propecia and am somewhat embarrassed to request this from an Urgent Clinic and/or contact a physician accepting new patients just to get the prescription. I'm not as familiar as I should be with the acceptable practices between physician and patient, but is there a physician(s) on the forum that could ask me whatever preliminary questions that are needed through private message in order to prescribe a printable or verifiable prescription? As I type and reread this post it does seem cowardly to ask this, but this is a new and terrifying experience that takes time to get adjusted to, which I'm sure most all of you can relate.
Any direction and information is greatly appreciated.

04-25-2011, 12:55 PM
propecia and proscar share same active ingredient except proscar come in 5mg pill and propecia in 1mg. i would suggest you visit a hair restoration doctor to get proscar prescribed. you won't feel embarrassed.