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04-10-2011, 10:23 AM
My hair loss is slow and gradual. I always wore my hair relatively long to cover the thinning areas. To make sure wind did not displace my hair I used a lot of hairspray.

In my early fifties I started to use hair replacement systems. At first the systems just clipped onto my existing hair. The clips always pulled on my hair and this solution was very uncomfortable. Besides, people could notice that I put hair on top of existing hair.

My hair replacement system specialist then recommended that I shave what ever hair I had left in the crown of my head and glue the system directly onto my scalp with tape. This solution looked much better, but it still was quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, replacement systems need regular maintenance and professional care. And every two to three years they needed to be replaced because hair falls out and breaks off over time.

After having dealt with hair replacement systems for about eight years my specialist told me about one of their clients who had visited Dr. Pistone in Marlton, NJ, to receive a hair transplant, which was the best they had ever seen. I obtained Dr. Pistone's phone number and made an appointment.

Dr. Pistone patiently explained the process of taking donor hair from the back of your own scalp and transplanting it, follicle by follicle, to the empty area. I was eagerly awaiting the date of the first procedure.

Dr. Pistone's facility is very pleasant, equipped with all the modern amenities. I was kept very comfortable. His staff is friendly and very caring. The procedure, in my case, took four hours. At that time I had some hair left in the center of my crown, so Dr. Pistone transplanted mostly around that area. I had agreed that I would have to come back later for that area to be filled in since the hair loss of my original crown hair would continue. So one year later I had my second procedure.

The hair line Dr. Pistone restored is very appealing for my age, what I mean by that is that Dr. Pistone did not make my hair line too low. I constantly receive compliments about how good my hair looks now. I am extremely pleased with my result and can highly recommend Dr. Pistone's work.

04-13-2011, 01:47 PM
Itís always great to hear success stories. Do you have any photos you can post?