View Full Version : Good questions about Propecia and Minox (pic)

04-10-2011, 06:49 AM
Hello. New member here. Have been following this forum for some months prior to registering. I want to keep it brief so as to not tire you guys with a lot of text.

I have a few questions on Minoxidil:

1) Does it change the texture/feel of your hair? I read somewhere that it replaces your hair with "peach fuzz" low quality hair. Is this true?

2) Will I benefit from Minoxidil when considering this pic:


Questions on Propecia/Fin:

3) I want to be ripped (testosterone is required I think to gain muscle?) Since propecia is a DHT blocker, will it have any effects on my body's ability to build muscle?

If anybody could answer these questions i would really appreciate it.