View Full Version : Hair transplant : do i HAVE to shave my hair?

04-10-2011, 05:03 AM
This is a major concern for me if i am to consider a hair transplant. I do NOT look good with a shaven look. I really do not want my head to get shaved during or before the procedude.
Is this absolutely necessary? I am really scared as i would rather not have the surgery than to have my head shaved then have surgery :mad: :( :S

04-10-2011, 08:13 AM
my 1st fue was just filling in my temples and the doctor was amazing as well and i didn't shave my head. My temples were already receded and he didn't plant in between other hairs. got a decent result

went back second time to fill in some thinning with the same clinic but one of there diff docs and the doc did a crap job wasting grafts which i can never get back and i lost 8 months of my life hoping the hair will grow not to mention all the time and money. actually make that a year and a half of my life if you count the third time round

3rd procedure i was like you, didn't want to shave of my head but the doc knocked some sense into me and boy am i glad he did because the result was better. i wasn't on propecia then and lost a load more hair and went back for a 4th with a diff doc (dr woods after properly doing my res) and he sorted things out best he could

if you are getting work done between other hairs make sure you shave your head no matter what anyone else says on this forum or what a doc says because they may say otherwise to get you in the chair

its hard i know, iv been there. But if you waste those doner hairs you aint ever gona get them back, i have to stay on propecia to keep my hair as im quite young and although i have a dman good head of hair i know if i come of prop or it stops working im in massive trouble. not to mention the harm it may be doing to my body that i dnt know about

hope this helps, im not around much so may not be able to reply to any questions but felt the need to post when i read this

button line is you must shave it to get better results. if you in your 20s then dnt be stupid and get any work done, you will regret it