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03-31-2011, 12:32 PM
Hi all readers,

New user here, from South Wales, it's a great site you've got here for honest information on alot of my own and I'm sure everybody elses worries. I would be very appreciative of an answer to my question. I've tried asking elsewhere, but you find that a lot of sites that offer questions and answers are actually selling the stuff they are commenting on, so I can't bring myself to trust them. One even deleted my message, I assume that was because I wasn't promoting their product.

Anyway, I digress, I have been receding since around the age of 23-24 and it never bothered me at all, it is the dramatic thinning on top (all over the top, but for my widows peak) and the development of what was about a 1 to 2 inch square bald patch on the crown. I investigated, pros and cons of tablet based medication and decided against it based on the side effects. I plumped for Regaine, it's advertised alot in the UK right now, nearly every ad break on Sky Sports has an advert with men appearing to have full heads of hair, smiling about how great regaine is :-) . I went for regaine, started on it exactly 4 weeks ago, got 3 months supply from Amazon for 50, (although it is sold over the counter here for a little more than that). I of course read the label, I took in the possible side effects, with my somewhat desperation and the obvious belief of "this stuff is sold down the local shop, how risky can it actually be?" I was happy to use it, within a week I was scared, the rate of hair loss had noticably increased, in the shower, and in the mirror.

I then check the internet, I surf for ages, find plenty of side effects that weren't mentioned on the label, as well as finding more positive news, that "the shedding could last around 3 weeks, but this hair will grow back". This is of course good news to someone who is crapping themselves about what I was doing to myself.

Finally, to my question, I am 4 weeks in, I know I won't see regrowth, if it happens at all, for a few months. But what of the shedding? When does the originally shed hair return? If at all. Is this too much shedding, I believe my bald patch has possibly doubled in size in 4 weeks! For the record, I seem to have a fair bit of the foam left, with 3 days to go before the month is up, I have been spreading across the wholeof the top of my head too, so there is no chance I have "overdone it" to cause this effect.

I say "possibly doubled" as it is hard to say, my depression and stress at the state of my hair persuaded me to shave my head to a number 1.5, shorter than I have ever had it before, so it is now hard to compare a bald spot in 2 inch hair to a bald spot in 4.5mm shaved hair. I suppose I did this just to experiment, I suppose, kind of in hope I would look fantastic with a close cut, well, the result was thick hair on the sides, thick hair at the peak, and totally thin everywhere else, very scary to see that, although I saw it everyday in the shower for ages, still, to go out sporting this new look was massively demoralising. I've shaved the sides to a 0.5 now and it blends a little better. My dilemma now is whether to grow it back, hope for effects from regaine to help me out a bit, and maybe go back to getting a good nights sleep each night, or just shave it off all together, give up on regaine as a bad time of my life, and lose a lot more sleep (and weight, it's that bad you know, appetite is well down) until I come to terms with the new look.

It's a long message I know, bit of an introduction as well as a question, thanks for reading if you got this far.

03-31-2011, 03:17 PM
Sorry to hear about your hair woe problems. The dreaded shedding affects everyone differently so I can only speak for myself. For me, I define shedding as approximately three times the normal amount of hair loss you experience in a typical day. Since the average person loses somewhere between 50 - 100 hairs every day, while you're on the shed, the amount would be 150 - 300. Ouch! It's been awhile since I first used Minoxidil but I seem to recall that the shed lasted about a month. It's hard to tell for sure but I think that within 6 months there after, all the hair loss I experienced from the usage of Minoxidil then returned.

Losing one's hair is totally depressing so I can empathize with what you're going through. Best of luck to you!

04-01-2011, 05:27 AM
Thanks so much for the reply, this is a confidence booster, I hope to at least gain back the shedded hair, by my reckoning one month of an extra 200 hairs a day, would be 4000 hairs I am now owed by this regaine stuff :D

I've got my fingers crossed.