View Full Version : Restarted Diane 35 Is it time for Spiro. yet?

01-16-2009, 11:38 PM
Hi Dr Redmond,Unfortunately we cant consult in person since we live in Australia.However I have purchased your book.My daughter (now 25) had been on Diane-35 for 8 years.After laparoscopy June 2007 (which gave her the all clear )stopped diane To have a break and see how her IBS was without the pill.April 2008 noticed hair falling out May have not noticed it earlier hard to tell).Could have been other possibilities -endep for IBS or minerals,but all blood tests were normal. Biopsy July 2008 inconclusive. Went on Diane 35 and rogaine July. My question :Hair still seems the same part widening,possibly some regrowth but its not improving.Should hormones have rebalanced by now? We are starting again with doctors,but none here v. good about hair loss.Also does the use of spironolactone further sensititize the follicles to testosterone for ever,should we hang off using it yet?Thanks Ruth Australia

02-15-2009, 04:43 PM
OK My book arrived and answers many questions.I see that Dr Redmond doesnt think that there is enough cyproterone acetate in Diane 35 to do much,although I did see a few women whose hair grew back when using it incombo with rogaine.Will wait and see a bit longer.