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03-18-2011, 06:13 PM
Hey guys,

It's good to see a forum out there that let's all of us balding guys come together and discuss our problems.

This is going to be a long post so bear with me please. Thanks ahead for taking the time to read about my concern and giving any input.

As a bit of an intro, I'm a 24 year old guy that's starting to bald a bit (NW 2/3 + diffuse thinning), and I pretty much accepted the fact that I'm going to be a NW 5 (or 6/7..) within the next decade seeing that practically all the men in my family (except for one lucky uncle) is bald. F*** me right?

But to be honest, I didn't really concern myself about the problem until recently. I did purchase generic finasteride from my local pharmacy and used it for about 6 months, then decided to stop seeing as it's only delaying the inevitable. If I'm going to be bald, then f*** it, I'm going to be bald. As to face my fears of what is to come in the future, I decided to buzz my head down just for the hell of it (and plus it's soon to be summer so it's getting a bit hot where I live).

...And my head shape is f***ing horrible. I don't own a digital camera so I can't post pictures (but I'm going to go out and buy one pretty soon in order to capture this "kodak" moment for future reference). As a prologue of what's to come, it's not the size that's a problem, it's the shape. Think the ex-bball player Tyrone Hill with a more narrow and slightly lower middle hump.

Now, I tried to sport this thing and walk around anyway, but I've got to tell you that it's pretty damn hard to not notice all the eyes on your dome. Especially when you're talking to someone and they glance upwards towards your irregularly shaped head (-_- bastards). And an added plus is that I'm currently in law school training to be a trial attorney. I've actually got a gig in the summer where I'll be given an independent caseload and trying cases in front of a live audience (i.e., jury), so I can only imagine what kind of discriminatory prejudices these people are going to hold when they see opposing counsel with a full head of hair while I've got a funny looking bald head. I'm just glad I decided to buzz down now so that my hair can sufficiently grow out by the summer when I start interning.

So now for the more pressing questions that I hope you guys can help me out with.

Does anyone on the forum have any experience with Cranioplasty as a means of reforming your head shape in order to make it more round. There are pretty newly used and safe plastic surgeries that use a type of molding clay (krpytonite) that is injected under your skin and formed over your skull to make it more round. There is minimal scarring and is not only done for solely vain cosmetic purposes (like what I'd be opting for) but also used as a means for victims of severe physical head trauma accidents and sever birth defects. No way am I going to use alternative surgery methods that saws down the skull to make a less pronounced hump (too dangerous despite whatever an MD tries to tell me) or slices a pie of your skin open, but putting something on top of the skull through a small incision to make it presentable doesn't seem like that bad of an option for the future.

Since going clean bald was my original plan, I'd like to stick with it if it's still a viable option (meaning if I can round out my landscape of a skull).

Now I'm not looking to have this done tomorrow or even within the next year or two really. Hairloss hasn't affected my life to the extent that I'm having a breakdown or unable to function (yet... O.o), but I can see it potentially having this effect in five years time (trying to build up some resilience to when it happens btw). This way, I can also put a bit of my funds to the side in order to save up for whatever procedure that I may wish to have in the future. Plus the technological advancements by that time might make it not only cheaper but a "better" procedure to boot.

As for results, I'm not looking for Bruce Willis or Jason Statham round, but just sufficient to just round out the valleys in my head. Some imperfection isn't too big of a deal. I'll probably go in for a quick appointment at my local plastic surgery hospital (pretty good credentials) and get a basic feel for the price range and what can be done (naturally I'm going to hide the fact that I'm planning do this procedure for a couple of years into the future).

But it's always good to get input from people who've looked down this avenue before.


Sorry for the long post, and thanks again for being tuned in to my little problem. Friends of mine have full heads of hear and tell me things like "just be like vin diesel or something when it happens." So it'd be great to get some input on people who've gone through this process before to get a more keyed in analysis.

Thanks again,

03-21-2011, 02:19 PM
To be honest I don't know dude, but if you're willing to go that far, would you not simply prefer to get a hair transplant?

04-16-2011, 10:02 PM
Don't feel alone man. If you could feel the large depression in the crown area of my skull, you'd feel pretty good about your own noggen. However, I have thought of something like a cranialplasty also. The depression is about 3 inches in diameter and around 2 - 3 millimeters deep. I've had it ever since I was an infant. I had it X-rayed when a young boy and the doctor didn't seemed concerned about it. It's called a posterior antille and needless to say, I don't ever buzz my hair or it would be impossible to miss.

I did correspond briefly with a plastic surgeon years ago and he said there were a couple ways to appraoch this. One was a bone graph (Yuck) the other was a molded semi-solid silicone fill. This is the most concerning issue of my thinning hair, because the more it thins in that region, the more visible the depression becomes.