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03-18-2011, 07:59 AM
hi there.

my hair is very dense. i think. well... there's a lot of hairs. am blonde. when i go for a haircut they always say my hair if very thick, especially for someone with blonde hair.

i am a bit paranoid though, because if i rub my hands through my hair when it's dry i see some hairs caught in my fingers. or if am on my laptop and scratch my head, i can see a couple of blonde hairs against the black keyboard.

i don't see any hairs in the shower, unless i use conditioner. i condition quite thoroughly and i noticed today that if i look at my hands after conditioning, then i see some hairs after each time i've scrubbed at my head.

is this normal in the amount of hairs you lose daily? i know it's like 100 a day, so i don't know whether i am looking into it too much. like is this normal breakage or whatever?

thanks for reading :)

03-18-2011, 12:25 PM
On these occasions that you see hairs, will you continue to see more and more hairs if you keep rubbing your head?

It's hard to really say how many hairs it's normal to spot under these circumstances. Some people are simply more observant than others. I can tell you that I'll see a couple of hairs on my hands during washing, more floating in the water if I'm having a bath and the occasional one is visible on my keyboard. If I stand in good light and rub the top of my head for about 5 seconds I might see roughly two hairs falling. My hair hasn't receded or lost density over the past 5+ years of Propecia use.

As it is normal to lose hairs every day, it is inevitable that you'll see some of those hairs, especially if you're looking for them.

03-19-2011, 08:49 AM
sometimes i keep rubbing to see if anymore come out on my hand, and it's get less and less... or just stops.

i think my problem is that i outright look for them, so i'm noticing them more, you know?

another question... i use gel/wax/hair product on my hair to keep my hair flat, so i never ever comb my hair. today i went to comb out some gel that clogged up a bit, and i saw maybe 10-15 hairs in the sink after combing. now i dunno whether that's because the gel was pulling them out and getting caught in the comb, or the fact that i don't comb my hair, and it's like a build up of hairs tangled in my hair, and the comb 'released' them. if that makes sense?

03-20-2011, 12:55 PM
That's just the sort of situation where you're likely to see the most hairs, especially if had been a while since you washed your hair. Shed hairs will be tangled up like you say, and also stuck in the gel and less likely to just fall, so you'll get a build up.
Although it's not a good idea to be forcibly combing your hair if the products you use are making it difficult for the comb to pass through.