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03-17-2011, 05:48 AM
Hello everyone, I just registered today after being a frequent visitor to the site for the last 6-8 months. Im 30 and have been losing hair for the last 7 years now but at a very gradual pace. I was blessed with a very full set of hair which had always been thin but there was "alot of hair". Ive been very fortunate that the hair loss has'nt really been noticeable until very recently. My hair loss is kinda weird (or maybe not) because I have thinned out almost all around my scalp except the back of my head. My hairline is still intact but low in density, specially under lights and sides above my ears have been very thin for a while.

The only product I have ever used is 5% minox, which was last year for about two weeks. I stopped using it because it made my head itch like a dog with fleas AND my face would burn/itch whenever I showered or washed it. Besides that I shed alot more than usual during that period so I stopped. I have thought about finastride but Im wary of two things, first of all the obvious side effects people report but more importantly the fact that since my hairloss has been slow for years, IF I start and it doesnt work, from what ive read my hairloss will probably be accelerated at a very high pace and I really dont want that to happen.

Ive been visiting this forum for a few months and from reading many posts, t this point, I have put the fate of my hair in the hands of Histogen, all of the meds are so "ify", they might work, they might not. The pain of using it all daily is a whole different story. I have (fingers crossed) enough hair to last me until 2013 so hopefully by then I can catch a flight to Asia and get injected.

03-23-2011, 02:56 PM
:)Hi! welcome to the forum! I hope you will find this forum much helpful.

03-23-2011, 11:19 PM
Hey man, welcome to the forum, and I'm glad to hear that you've had your hair for all these years haha. The minoxidil problem may have been because you were allergic to the propylene glycol content in the 5% minoxidil. If you're still interested in trying out minoxidil, there are a couple of higher concentration minoxidil's on Amazon which are propylene glycol-less, and they've gotten some pretty decent ratings as well. Propecia is the other choice that's FDA approved, but there are also a ton of other products which aren't FDA approved that some people claim to work (topical spiro, topical flutamide, etc.). Anyway, I hope this post gave you some help and a warm welcome. Cheers!

03-24-2011, 08:02 AM
Thank you guys! #Balding23, I havent looked into higher concentrated minox but i think i will do some research on it and give it a shot. If anybody on this forum has any input or products that have worked for them please feel free to share.

03-25-2011, 08:28 AM
Hello there,
Welcome to this forum where people share their views about hair problems. Hopefully you will also find the solutions of your problem in here.:)

03-25-2011, 06:57 PM
Hi! I would hold off on proscar and try something with saw palmetto.I took proscar and it has a lot of side effects!I take procerin and it works with no side effects.