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03-07-2011, 11:40 AM
I have began my research into fue and am left with a few questions..1500-2000 needed grafts ...questions
1. I read 80-90 fue live so 2000 less 20% do I opt for 2400 not 2000 (just using round #'s)

2. why do I not see any pics of guys with similar needs 1500-2000 doing fue.. I see many using strip?

3. what are all the drugs used at time of surgery (oral,and injected)

thank you all very much

Sara Wasserbauer, MD
03-07-2011, 05:40 PM
Hi Maxxmill17,

Survival rates for FUE vary by practitioner - remember this is a technique still in its infancy and the data from scientific studies on growth rates is not yet complete. If you know a practitioner who does FUE routinely and who knows their own survival rates, you can use those numbers to plan...

However, it is much more likely that you will have to plan on the fly - which is to say do as many grafts as you can using the FUE technique in a single session (between 1500 and 2000 grafts usually depending on your hair and the surgeon doing the procedure) and then see how it turns out. If it is not dense enough after a year of growth or if you have more native hair loss, plan on doing another session to fill it in.

Most patients opt for the traditional FUT ("strip") in my practice due to cost ("strip" is cheaper) and the certainty of getting as many grafts as they need in a single session. Plus, then you don't have to shave your head...!

Lastly, the drugs used vary widely, but most docs use a combination of local injectable anesthetic agents (commonly lidocaine like at a dentists office), oral antibiotics, and a relaxer like valium or versed. Vicodin or Tylenol is commonly used post-operatively for any necessary pain control.

Hope that helps!