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Dr. Lindsey
03-02-2011, 07:56 AM
This fellow's brother had a hair transplant by me about a year ago. When he brought his brother for surgery, he commented that he'd had 2 frontal surgeries by a local competitor, and although satisfied, he wanted to help his part-line and area behind his previous work. It took him a year to come in but we recently did a 2500 graft case on him.

Now he has pretty thick, but very straight hair. The thickness will help with coverage, but the straightness resists alot of styling which helps many patients improve their results. (Remember, hair doctors are not curing baldness...but are rather camouflaging hair loss with surgical repositioning of hair. As I tell patients during consultations, "I have a knife..not a magic wand. There are limitations that each patient brings to the office".

You will note that along the part line, I crew cut his already placed mainly doubles and triples, and then packed hair right up to those hairs, with a lot of singles at the hairline edge. Then back along the part, we packed doubles. In the middle part of his scalp we packed lots of doubles and some triples although he didn't have alot of them. He did a fantastic job keeping things clean as shown at a week postop.

He and his brother have had some scar issues on their bodies, as is more common with asians...so hopefully he'll show for a scar check in a few weeks and I can put up more pics. Both fellows live 15 minutes from the office but are busy entrepreneurs...I'll put up more pics when I can on this fellow.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA