View Full Version : Need Help and Suggestions on Options (Pics Incl)

03-01-2011, 09:04 AM
Hi All,

I'm so happy I found this forum and found some confidence that I can get a real honest opinions,suggestions and gudence.

I'm 39 years, 3 years back I started noticing hair loss but as with most I did not pay any attention may be I have to regret with that. 2 years back I used Propecia and found side effects on sex life :) as soon I stopped that side effect went away.. so I stopped that and did not use anything after that.

Now I woke up and wanted to do something about it.

I heard minoxidil, rogaine and lot of other options I'm willing to do anything that works reasonably. I'm even considering "hair transplant" but I do not know I'm there yet or not.. so I thought I will get some help from my other fellow members who may have gone these options already.

I'm attaching my pictures please suggest what is the best course of action and what products.

- Fortunately money is not an issue for me that does not mean I would throw away money , like all of us it's hard earned money :) I'm willing to spend to get my life back.

Thanks everyone...