View Full Version : One procedure of 1490 grafts by Bill Reed, MD

William Reed, MD
02-28-2011, 06:28 PM
This 27 yo had 1490 grafts placed as shown on the photos about one year prior to the followup photos. His one session density does well with his style of choice. It illustrates, however, a point I make repeatedly that one procedure produces a result that is about 60 or 70% dense and is more styling dependent than would be two procedures which would double the density. (A short, gelled style would not look as full in the temples and one procedure could still suffice but would work less well with a stronger hair fiber diameter and when there is more contrast between the hair color and the skin color, i.e., black hair on pale skin.)

Note that only light coverage is done to the crown and posterior frontal forelock due to his young age and concern that his balding may progress a lot over the course of his life. He appears to be getting a huge response to finasteride which he started only a year ago. Notice the partline width through the lightly grafted area in his posterior frontal forelock and the adjacent non-grafted area. The part widths are virtually the same. The grafted area has perhaps more "granularity" than does the adjacent non-grafted area that has increased its density result from a diffuse increase of the still miniaturized native hair.