View Full Version : what meds should i start with

02-26-2011, 08:11 PM
hello everyone
been reading various forums for a while and decided to take action against my hair loss by 1st joining this forum and then looking to get on some meds asap.

my story and background. will be 38 soon and top of my hair started thinning about 2 years ago. as it was thinning at a slow rate i did not take much notice. then my left side started to thin more but thinning at a slow rate until about 6 months ago my the right side started to thin. i think it was over the last 2/3 months period that i noticed it and again last weekend top of my hair just thinned out quiet a bit. seems like shock loss or something.

have been taking biotin, SP, iron, zinc, ACV for the past year but clearly its not working. my dad had v good hair and so does my mum and granddad. not sure about my fathers side but generally all the family have good hair. i also feel tired frequently but nothing has shown on blood tests/thyroid. strange thing my girlfriend's hair has also thinned a little bit at the front !?!

should have started meds last year but my main concerns were sides and having to use for the next 5/10 years or so. also i hear hair becomes hard to manage with rogaine and makes it flakey.

my hair loss seems to only on the front so far. the thinning also happens very sudden within a 2/3 months cycle. is this a normal pattern?

looking to get on meds and want to know what to start with and can i expect any regrowth or improvement for the frontal region? will post some pics later.

thanks and sorry about the long post.