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02-23-2011, 06:57 AM
Hey guys

Haven't posted in a while but been feeling a bit down recently so thought I'd post a topic that you've probably seen a million times before

I recently hit the one year mark on propecia and so far it seems to be doing its job. I keep my hair pretty short and even in my darkest moments I still know it could be a lot worse. I just wanted everyones opinion on the future of the hair-loss industry. Ill be 33 in 10 years and obviously most of us want a cure sooner or later while were still young. We always hear these promises of exciting new treatments being available in 5-10 years time and I was just wondering if anyone truly believed we were that close to finding the true cure to our problem. Im not sure if I'm convinced but hope i can be proved wrong! :) After all its the hope for a new solution that keeps us coming back to this site :p

Hope your all doing good