View Full Version : New 22 yrs old, thinning and receiding!

02-22-2011, 06:08 PM
Hello everyone! Name's Jude L, well it's not my real name but the name of my receding hair-line brother Jude Law <3. I actually do share similar hair loss to him although the hair I do have is rather thin, not curly and blonde :(.

Anyways, I have had this horrible hair line since my late teens but never really experienced hair loss until the last year and half and it's getting progressively worse. I was kind of in denial or ignoring the issue because the way I styled it for quite some time did not show any signs of my thinning/receding hair to the extent that it is, also I was ok with how I looked and felt that it was a natural process that couldn't be stopped. I felt like all those products Id seen advertised on tv or men's magazines (i.e rogaine, propecia etc) were a scam and never worked. Well finally losing my hair began to bother me, and after seeing how I looked in a few pictures I began to become a bit insecure. While researching about hair loss, I came across this forum and read countless threads which have helped me immensely in dealing with this whole ordeal.
I also found the doctor that I will be visiting tomorrow on my first consultation via this forum and am exciting to be going and hopefully begin a good hair-loss - slowing regiment! I am also hoping that I may be a candidate down the line. I understand I am young and looking for a quick fix, for now I just want to try to stop/slow down the hair loss as much as possible and improve my hair density.

I am looking forward to hearing what the doctor has to say tomorrow and hopefully soon I`ll be able to contribute to this great forum.