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02-19-2011, 12:24 PM
Hi there - I am a newbie to this forum so go easy on me if I have posted to the wrong area. I have been researching hair transplant surgery for a short while as I am thinning on top. I have experienced gradual hair loss over the course of the last 15 years and have reached a point where I would really like to do something about it, however, I do have a few questions:

I would really like to consider FUE as I tend to wear my hair short (grade 2 back and sides) and would worry a strip scar would be visible in the hairline if cut this short. Is FUE the right way to go for me given the extent of hairloss shown in the attached photos? Or should I be focusing on strip?

I am concerned that with FUE I would not get the required coverage to have a full thick head of hair, and so I have a question as to what results I could expect with FUE given my current status in the attached photos

How much would FUE think out my sides and rear - would it notably thin out out this area?

How FUE grafts would I need to get good coverage?

How long will FUE last and, although my current hair loss seems to have stabilised, should I simply target the balding areas or spread in with the thicker areas?

Are there any known, or suspected, issues with FUE? And, what is the recovery time post op.?

How much should I budget for a good FUE procedure - e.g. price per hair?

Finally, I am based in the UK and prepared to travel - what are the most reputable and renowned FUE Dr's in Europe, or is it better to travel further afield?

I did say I had a "few" questions. Sincere thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

02-20-2011, 09:38 AM
Welcome to the forum shinydome.
Youíre asking good questions. Judging from your pictures FUE might be the best way to go for you, since you can wear your hair short. Since you seem to have finer hair on the back and sides, concealing a donor scar from a strip will be more difficult for you.
Iím not sure how many grafts a good FUE surgeon can harvest from your donor, but if you were to get say 3000 in total you should be able to establish a nice hairline with a fairly good thickening effect through the top. I would never expect to have a very full look with your hair traits and pattern but if you keep it short you can probably expect to improve your overall look.
You will probably have to travel to the U.S. to find an experienced FUE surgeon in the IAHRS.
Dr. John Cole in Atlanta comes to mind. You should check him out as well as the other FUE doctors listed on www.iahrs.org

02-21-2011, 05:34 AM
FUE tends to be better for shorter hairstyles like yours but the procedure itself doesn't produce results equal to strip. A good FUE surgeon can make it close under the right conditions and with the right patient though.

I've seen FUE range anywhere from $6-$10 per graft. If I were you, I would wait to plan the cost until you've had some reliable recommendations from surgeons. You may be way off on the number of grafts that you need.

You should send your photos to several surgeons and ask them for their opinion. I would also wait to plan the travel aspect until you've gotten more reliable information.

Some great FUE surgeons are: Feller, Lindsey, Bisanga, Umar, Cole, Shapiro, Harris, Wolf, True, Dorin.

There's probably more great FUE surgeons, these were just some that came to mind from my reading these forums.

02-25-2011, 04:18 PM

Thanks for sharing your pics and case. How old are you? Younger than 30? If so, you are almost a true Norwood class 6 at this point. It is rather clear from your pics (top row) that the entire top of your scalp is just about completely gone. How many men on either side of your family history were Norwood class 6 and 7s?

From observing the back side (1st pic bottom row), you show more thinning just above the occipital zone. That area at the base of the crown is thinning and IMHO, an indication that you are headed for class 7. Are you on Propecia? Is that why you are seeing some stabilization with your hairloss?

MPB is a progressive condition and so having a full head of hair is no longer a viable or realistic goal anymore. Hair transplant surgery creates an illusion of coverage without achieving the original level of density we once had. Yet those of us that have advanced classes of hairloss in our cards are faced with re-adjusting our goals because our potential loss over a lifetime will far exceed our limited donor reserves.

Either way, from your pics, you will require lots of work in your lifetime so strip or FUE will undoubtedly prevent any of us with advanced hairloss from wearing our hair that short in the future. That's those of us that will need in excess of 5,000 - 7,000 grafts.

02-28-2011, 07:38 AM
Thanks for all of your posts and advice. Yep, my hair loss is quite advanced. I do not use any treatment at the moment and up until recently have been quite content to let nature take its course. The photos are taken with the camera flash on which seems to make it look a little worse, however, I am realistic in that I have little existing hair and so would not expect a transplant to provide a full thick head, but, would provide a good covering - particularly at the front. Is that unlikely?

I am 37 and so maybe should have considered HT at an earlier stage.

It sounds as if I would be better suited to a strip procedure, but, then be prepared never to cut below a grade 3 at the back again.

I think the advice of sending my pics to a few of the recommended surgeons is the next step and so will probably try Dr. Hasson (strip), Dr. Feller (FUE advice) and possibly Dr. Behnam (currently offering 2000 grafts at a good price). Should I retake the photos without using a flash and in natural daylight, or is it best just to send what I have posted here?

Thanks in advance.

03-07-2011, 03:52 PM
Propecia (finasteride) could potentially prevent you from becoming a full blown Norwood 7. None of us like the idea of taking a drug yet each of us has to decide how important it is to prevent losing that much more hair. If you do not start effective hairloss meds, you will lose more hair. That's the reality.

You are correct in coming to terms with the fact that you will need lots of work and wearing your hair under a 3 guide will probably not be realistic. But I guess that's the trade-off.

Do the math of 5,000 grafts at FUE price compared to FUHT. Scarring will no doubt be an issue either way.

The pics with the flash is better to send I think to really show the extent of where the loss is impeding.

Best wishes to you!