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02-13-2011, 12:05 PM
This is long but in your own time, give it a read! :) Unfortunately It will be very scattered and many typo's will be found but stick with me.. I'm in a mad rush to get somewhere AND I have a hurt keyboard LOL If you feel you need to criticize me, please do so in a private message, I really want this thread to be pure positivity.

I am not posting this for everyone, but upon browsing through the forums, I find sooooo many downnn people and you guys feel like your so alone and you feel people have a new view on you because of your baldness. Listen, I take these post's to heart and I'll be honest... it bothers me that many of you feel this way over something so natural, and nature is beautiful. Just think.. while these guys with hair have to waste their time combing away.. we no longer have to LOL. well I do, im not quite there yet.

I am 24, I have some balding going on upstairs. Its been a very slow process from 18 which could possibly contribute to the use of Rogaine, No way to tell for sure but has the hair loss stopped? No. As a matter of fact, I did a close buzz about 5 months back and well, some of the hair decided it didn't want to grow back. I still continue to use Rogaine and despite all the criticisms of the lasercomb, I use it anyways. Maybe it was a waste of money but I'm adventurous.. I have experienced HIGH amounts of "shedding" these past few weeks and my answer to that... It is what it is. What can we do guys? I don't feel this hair will grow back so I will toy with the idea of a hair transplant NOT because I am severely saddened by it, but because I don't know if I want to accept it at 24 years old. It is just a personal choice, I don't know if it is for anyone but myself.. but I can't honestly answer that question for you guys.

Yes the balding has gotten to me and luckily I look fantastic in a hat ha. But if you EVER have to feel you are not WORTHY of another persons attention whether it be a female, a co-worker, family members.. because of your lack of hair??? Guys, When did the world become so external! You know you all look great in your own way. It's self-worth. When you let your hair bother you and it haunts your thoughts and it brings about depression, these thoughts are displayed in your actions and you will just naturally attract all these things you simply do not want and I promise you that (and if you think this is leading into an Abe Hicks LOA mumble, believe me it's not). There's no hocus pocus behind that. Psychologist say we give off expressions of emotions alllllll the time and someone spiritual would say it is our inner being (our thoughts) that will be displayed in the physical.. common sensish? I am currently a student studying clinical exercise physiology with a GREAT deal of interest in mental wellness. You ever hear the quote "you are what you think about?" Such a simple quote with soooo much meaning behind it and I believe this is a quote that can date back into ancient history but re-told by people such a Dyer who mind you.. is BALD AS A WHISTLE! He has been since he was very young. Don't feel as if I buy into these "Quacks" which mind you, they are not.. This is one of my areas of study, it's what I enjoy talking about. Im sure we all know the keys to biological homeostasis but lets face it, balding has no life threatening affects.. until this lil thing called stress throws biological homeostasis out the window and correct me Dr's if I am wrong, but some texts will say the definition of disease is biological imbalance or the bodies lack of homeostasis. Is baldness really worth death? You'll surely regret the distress when you grow sick..

If it is females you guys are worried about, my baldness isn't the most appealing thing in the world but I've had me a BEAUTIFUL mixed race girl for 3 years that make the guys weak in the knees. Attracting beautiful Women has never been a problem really and it will continue to not be a problem JUST BECAUSE. Attitude attitudeeeee!

I myself strive everyday for fulfillment of self worth. I am not perfect.. Im in the same boat as many of you. But do NOT let something like this bring you down like you feel it already has. :)