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02-10-2011, 03:48 PM
For about 3 years I have believed that I am losing my hair. My wife says I am not, but my hair is quite thin around my crown, however, my hairline remains entirely intact. As a whole my hair has always been quite fine, but this seems different.

My dad is 62 and has a full head of hair. My grandfather also had a full head of hair.

My mom is 59 and has noticed her hair is getting thin. Her doctor could find nothing wrong (blood tests, etc), except a slightly lower level of vitamin d. My grandfather on her side had hair as well except it was a thin at the back when he got old. He died in his 70s with most of his hair.

I guess what I want to know is if it is possible to have MPB with absolutely no receding hairline? I went back and looked at photos from about 5 years ago and my hairline was exactly the same then.

If I am losing my hair, I'm not too terribly bothered, I'll just shave it off. I can't really be bothered with going to the doctor just to have them tell me to go on Rogaine and all that nonsense. I was hoping to have it a bit longer though!

02-11-2011, 11:37 AM
Sometimes male pattern hairloss can begin at the crown. In a way this could be seen as preferable because at least you still have your all-important hairline, and the crown tends to respond better than the front does to treatments.

If you were to start Rogaine (or Propecia/Finasteride tablets) then you could possibly restore what you've lost as well as prevent the hairline from receding at all. If you are losing hair due to androgenic alopecia then the hairline will almost certainly begin to recede in time.

But if you really aren't concerned by the prospect of going bald then I can understand not wanting to bother with treatments. Just remember that with them it's easier to maintain hair than it is to re-grow it, and you haven't yet experienced real baldness. Be sure that your attitude will remain unchanged if your hairloss progresses significantly. If you are absolutely sure of your feelings then more power to you, and I certainly wouldn't want to try and change your mind.

02-22-2011, 04:49 PM
My hair is actually thin all over the top of my head. I believe this is called diffuse thinning? My scalp has recently begun to itch around my crown but other areas as well, including near the nape of my neck.

My wife had a look and said that my scalp looked dry and tight.

Any suggestions?