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02-09-2011, 03:24 PM
Hello everyone,

I have felt compelled to share my own Hair transplant story:

I hadn't posted before as I was really waiting
to see some positive results, and I immersed myself in a
big project to keep a low profile at work under a cap low
and behold I just stopped and looked to see where I had come
and I was very happy......

After going through the emotional
roller coaster of the decision. I had been losing my hair since around 24 years old albeit very gradually, I seem to be a good responder to minoxidil and it has definitely saved my hair for the past 10 years, however around August 2008 I noticed a
significant shed that never came back! and a distinct loss from my hairline mainly from the temples and now also form the front I then frantically decided on the very serious idea of a hair transplant. I never ever really thought I would ever get one as I heard far too many horror stories, and the topic just seems clouded
with mystery, thoughts that went constantly round my head were:

does it really work, only 50% of transplants are success full, What about complications, could I make it worse??

So many crazy thoughts and I guess anyone going through the same
decision knows what I'm talking about. So for the best part of 18 months from around August 2009 I went on a mission to find the truth about real hair transplants and of course a clinic and surgeon that I would let cut my head open only to make it better not worse. BIG decision! I went on the various forums and started getting a feel for who I thought would be the best clinics for the Job.

In this time I was on minoxidil 5% and was responding very well.
I also decided to start finasteride, and thankfully this made a difference as
well, I noticed within about 2-3 months that no more miniature hairs were falling out and
also I was not leaving any hair on the the pillow. So I had good stabilisation
of my current hair situation and also I weighed in the fact that I was not in my 30's and it
seemed an ok time to think about a HT, I thought getting a HT in my 20's was a little to early.

So feel I factored a lot of the elements together and felt that
a HT at age 32 was appropriate.

For me money was not the issue if I'm going to get it done it

has to be done right and I wasn't going to make my decision over a couple of
grand if it meant compromising the result.

I knew I had to go abroad as the UK seemed devoid of consistent
and open results I wanted to be 100% sure and make my own informed choice, so I
managed also to see 3 UK patients through Spex and that helped massively in making
the choice.

Well to let you know I basically short listed about 3 clinics
and eventually went for Feller medical in August 2010 Its now almost exactly 6 months since my hair transplant and I was stunned at how far I had come in just those short months, so much so that I think
it is important for me to share just how much better I feel and how my hair is constantly changing for the better.

I ended up having a strip surgery done by Doctor Feller for 2250
grafts. It was a great experience I did brick it several times before hand about the decision to go ahead mainly about having a scar at the back of my head but I stayed strong and went for it.

Here are some before pics, immediate post op.and at 6 months As you can see

I had major loss in both temples and some from the front
hairline. I was losing it from the crown, but to be honest a
very small amount of nanogen fibres plus thickening shampoo and
dermatch sorted it out well and also the finasteride was
slowly but surely closing the gap, I thought I got give it a
good 3+ years so not worried about that just yet
As we all know its the hairline that frames your face and that
make you look older than you are.

My main goal was to sort out those temples and not have to rely
on an 'engineered comb over' as I liked to call it

If you look at the 6 months post pics you cn see some really
good growth, every month I can style and that section of hair
so much more note the pic is with NO concealer, NO hair thickening shampoo
just natural look at how the sides have filled up, I mean I used
to waste half the nanogen and dermatch on those
temple receeds and now for the first time in over 5 years I don't even think about it!

I hear at 6 months its only around 40-50% growth, I'm already happy, the left side still lagging but still better than before.
I can actually feel the 'weight' of he hair and style it even at this early stage.

I have to say the experience was fantastic. Dr Feller is so
easy going relaxed and made the whole transplant pain free and as enjoyable as it can be.

Sorry for the long post but hopefully any one thinking of
getting a transplant and is still not sure then I hope this
gives you motivation and confidence that you can get great
results from the right advice research and doctor and I just want
to help out as I got so much form the forums before I went
ahead with my own HT

Hope that helps in anyway


02-10-2011, 12:35 AM
Ukresponder, great to hear you are doing well! Congrats!

Remember also you are only half way there - 6 months is approx the half way stage. Grow well!:cool:

02-10-2011, 04:21 PM
Cheers spex, will update regularly

02-10-2011, 11:17 PM
Cool, Grow well as long way to go still:cool:


02-13-2011, 08:30 AM
Ukresponder sent me pictures to post::cool: Tried to upload 3 but only 1 will load...

04-20-2011, 03:43 AM
Some update pics, now with shorter hair, left side filling up vs right, more overral thickness and density