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02-08-2011, 01:35 AM
Hi ppl ,

i am new to these forums and would like to have some advises... I had two ht ( minor ) :

1. performed june 24th 2009 ( restoring hairline ) - 540 grafts
2. performed jan tird 2011 ( restoring the same hairline ) - 369 grafts

ok so my concerned is am feeling that i got screwed... what happened is that after my first ht , i was concerning that there was a gap between the transplanted hair and my actual hair ... advised the surgeon , 2 weeks post-op ( that was after my first ht ) and he explained to me that i had to wait up to a year to see my final results ... ok , i said to myself he might be right , he's the surgeon...

waited a full year , got back to clinic and of course , i still got the gap but somehow the gap was deeper ( alright , i must had skipped a few proscar pills - so i understand ) so we ended up to the conclusion that only 85 % of the transplanted hair had growed back so i decided to go for second operation .

operation went fine , no gap this time and iam 1 month post-up but i dont understand why but this time , all the transplanted hair are gone ( i know that they were supposed to fall off from 2-4 weeks after op but it didnt happen the first time ) also , its seems that it had affected my actual hair, somehow it looks like i lost hair close to the transplanted hair ...could this happen in a month ??!! and i was extremely careful this time ( proscar + minoxidil 5 % )

am i paranoying ?? am kind dissapointed ...had anyone heard or any feedback from dr.Clas at www.ultragreffe.com

here are some close-ups pics .. 3 days posts-op and today pic after second operation

02-08-2011, 01:38 AM
Chill dude, COMPLETELY normal for grafts to shed initially and go into a rest phase. Then after approx 3/4 months they will start to grow back in and it will take 12+ months for full effect.

See my topic on "patience"

02-08-2011, 02:14 AM
i know , i absolutly understand that but my concern that i was not happy the first time and he admitted that there was a hole between my hair and the the transplanted ones so i accepted the " correction " of course from my pockets, i dont wanna be disapointed a second time... thats what i meant..