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02-05-2011, 03:15 PM
I'm new to BTT, so here is my story. I am 39 and started losing my hair around 25. I have recently consulted with a couple doctors and am contemplating undergoing a HT procedure. I own my own business, and am always in front of clients, and needless to say am self conscious of my ever eroding hair line. I guess I would be classified as a NW 4, although I still have plenty of hair in the temple area and some clinging to life up top, and the crown is beginning to thin. My most recent consult was with Dr Rahal in Ottawa. My first impressions of him were night and day compared to the previous doctor that I had a consultation with in the Toronto area, and his excellent reputation preceeds him. His thought was to transplant 5000+ grafts to the top of my head and re-construct my hairline with 65 hairs/sqcm, moving to 50/sqcm midway and to 45 at the back and leave the crown for future work if medications didn't take effect. According to him, I have above average density (about 130 hairs/sqcm in the donor area) and great laxity. He felt that he would be able to easily harvest 10M grafts over a number of procedures if required.

My questions are these:

#1 Should I consider a couple of smaller sessions, for a couple of reasons a) 5000+ seems like a lot, and b) the re-growth would be transitional for anyone that might suspect I had any work done.

#2 Has anyone ever regretted having a HT due to the reactions/comments of family and friends

#3 I think I can get away without telling all my friends, but there won't be a way around telling family, especially my kids. What have people told their kids after procedures, particularly when I try to stress to them to be comfortable in their own skin.

Help is appreciated, and I am sure I will have other questions.

02-06-2011, 12:19 PM
Dr. Rahal is considered one of the best and is an IAHRS member, so you picked a great surgeon. I think that having the largest session possible is always the better way to go. Why would you want to put yourself through two surgeries if you donít have to? I also think that you are going to have to fess up to your friends and family if you have this done. Hiding the fact that you had a hair transplant will only cause you undo stress. You should be concentrating on the end result and how it will benefit your life instead of trying to hide it.