View Full Version : Can i make a bold statement??

02-03-2011, 04:54 PM
Could i be some what rite to say..

If you have a perfect healthy liver, it can well affect your enzymes, your dht levels, helps detox your body from all products etc??

after months and months of looking at sites and trying to find natural dht blockers and side effects of propecia what it does, then getting into prostate levels etc.. it all seems to point back to how your liver works and helps keep your body clean and leveled.

I have noticed that so many of my friends parents come from a older generation.. and all of us kids lets say seem to have engaged in gels perfumes, shampoos skin care face care etc.. all high in chemicals and PH levels..
And one of the high type 2 5A what ever its called seems to be absorbed by the skin and then liver has to detoxify it..
But when i look at the older generations and compare their kids when older.. the parents always have better hair in every way.

so again the liver is key here...

Does any one see my point about the liver after all the research you guys have done??