View Full Version : Information about Dr. John L. Peterson, M.D (Aspen Hair Restoration, UT.)??

02-01-2011, 09:41 AM
I need to know if someone have any information about Dr. John L. Peterson, M.D (Aspen Hair Restoration, UT.)????

I am thinking to have a hair restoration and I am looking for a good doctor near where I live.

Thanks if someone can help me in someway.


02-01-2011, 11:26 AM
His website looks a little misleading to me. Claims to be a “pioneer” but I have never heard of him. You should try to stay with doctors recommended here or go to www.iahrs.org. Don't let distance stop you from having the best hair transplant. You’ll read some scary stories here from people who didn’t do enough research.

02-01-2011, 07:03 PM
Thank you for the answer, I'm going to talk more about my "problem"

I am 32. I started loosing hair with 24. I am from Spain, now I am live in Park City, UT.

I take Propecia and Rogaine for eight years with interaptions ( the propecia and rogaine no works to much in me). My hair loss is genetic since my father and grandfather encountered the same problems.

Eight years ago I had one hair tranplant procedure done with about 1000 hair transplanted but I am not sure how many grafts. The procedure was performed in the "Clinica Transplante Folicular Suave" in Barcelona, Spain in the year 2004.

The procedure was good at the beginning but now I have lost more hair and the aparience is ridiculous, I have hair in the hairline (no too much density, I think) and few hair behind.

Other cuestion is that the scar behind my head is big and I want fix this too.

Expectations: More density in the front and on the top and eliminate the scar at the back of the head.

Dr. Peterson (Aspen Hair Restoration, UT) told me he could reach all my expectation but I don't know if he realy could. I am read a lot about hair loss restoration and I scare about it, a bad procedure could destroy your live.

He charges me $6,000 for 1500 graft (FU's) and 200 graft more free and 10 laser terapy post procedure free too.

I think is a good deal if he makes a good work, but if not... I would die.

What is your advice here.


07-09-2015, 04:17 PM
AndresI know it's a little late to reply-about information on Dr. John L. Peterson in Bouutiful,UT......
I was living in LA,CA...over 20 years ago an had 4 visits (HT and scalp reduction).....I visited him through an ad in the yellow pages...
It stated----"look 10 years younger".....he is the only doctor i visited .....so i have no other comparison..
My experience was very good ---except the 4rth visit (1000 HT)---I made the mistake of not consulting with him before the procedure..-so I was in the chair....and the assistant (he usually has 2 )--spoke up(for me as if i already told them what i wanted).......
the results were good now after 15 years---my hair loss continued.....
the problem with getting a hair transplant in your early 30's you still have plenty of original hair----but after 20 years you only have the HT's(and in my case a solid strip of hair down the middle-from the scalp reduction).
i"ve been unable to reach his office....because recently...I need a serious "Repair Job".....!!!!!!
He still has his web site-----but when I called ---the number was disconnected...It was easy when I lived in the same city...
Now I live in WA state.....AND HAVE NO CLUE.....WHat to do....

Andre-If yo u used Dr. John P.-----let me know what your experience was.

All the best ,