View Full Version : Dr. Panine/Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic/ 2,950 grafts

01-31-2011, 07:46 AM
38 year old gentleman who still had a pre-existing hairline that was slightly thinning in the hairline, but he did not have any hair in the temples and was balding behind the hairline all the way back to the crown. We refined his hairline, built up his temples and filled in as much as we could behind his hairline and the mid scalp with one procedure. We were not able to fill the crown with only one session, but he has a lot more flexibility with styling his hair and is a lot more comfortable with the coverage he has now only 8 months after his procedue. He is going to have another session this summer to fill in the crown. Patient has also been on Propecia for 10 months. We did a total of 2,950 grafts. There are multiple post-op pictures showing hair parted differently to show how much coverage patient has throughout the scalp.