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01-28-2011, 11:51 AM
In a day and a half I realize there is both a great need and a great support system with really caring guys (and gals) here. For those of you like ptownpaul & hindsight2020, and G6PD, who boldy share your fears, and darker days, I applaud you.

Those of you looking for guidance (I've read a bunch of yours): the guys still in shock with lots of hair to go, young ones that in the middle of the battle, and those who have gone on, miserably, and who have made miserable decisions that have cost you because of lack of confidence associate with hair-loss - your fear and concerns are legitimate.
Listen, we all want our damned hair back - no one more than me! I'd do just about anything to get my damned hair back!! I'd eat a bag of nails, I'd lop off a few years, okay maybe just a couple, off my life (but it would have to be some really good stuff).

But all that concern - that climbing up on the sink to look at the top of your head, the pulling the hat just this way, and the why are you looking at my head? thoughts; all the sweating, freaking, I'm getting old and dying just when I started living thoughts will be what will ruin you.

First hand, no kidding. You can put some back on your head, this way or that way. I've seen some that looked great. Personally, when it started, I trimmed it down, and as it continued I trimmed it down more.
I used to look like D'artanion - Hair from here to there; girls used to pull on it to introduce themselves to me. Seriously. No kidding. And then as I started cutting my hair back, I started to lose confidence, looked into HT and every option and lost more confidence and then I got angry.

I shut myself up for a good few months and cursed the world and then I did what many of the others did, I stood up, and decided who was going to be the boss of the crap situation, cause I wasn't ready to bury my mojo cause of some hair. I didn't like it, in fact I screamed about it a lot. I wrote it all down, found the funny bits and made them funnier, took the evil bits and made them down-right nasty, and then I went to work, and went out and met women who didn't know me and found out what they thought of me with this - this right here, this new hair hair - this new head of mine! And seriously, I got just as much attention. I keep a old college ID in my pocket with all that hair on my head; I would show the women I met - they all claimed they liked it short; It - my head - and I know they were serious - good manners prevents me from describing the proof.

That's how I started Baldie Stories - 18 years ago - still writing; by the way;


all the good stuff - (Thank all of you for looking yesterday; I put a top ten list in the tags for any of you who would like to see what my top ten are!)

Fact; the ladies don't yank on my hair and giggle anymore - which is a crying shame.
Fact: I never got HT - cause while there is a chance, I had enough on my hands to worry about and didn't need a chop-job to add to the list.
Fact: Most people don't see it at all, (unless it's not well cut) and won't unless you show that your head's got you face down in the mud.
Fact: You can be angry about it, sorry, fed up, pissed off, or not give a damn one way or the other, but there's a line; Put it where it belongs, use it, make the energy (negative or otherwise) work in your favor - you don't have a choice!!
I built a life on that energy, started a writing career - I've written two books, started a third, taugh university, and have a wonderful family (beautiful wife and son) by using that energy I got from losing my hair! That's real.
Best to all of you. Andy

01-13-2013, 08:45 PM
Very very good advice sir. Im 27 and getting to the point of accepting defeat. You described EXACTLY how my interactions with women started degrading once I noticed my balding. IT still keeps me from dating or anything of the sort. IF I looked good bald, I wouldnt care one bit. Unfortunately, my ears stick out so I look silly shaven down. All I want is to be able to either have a full head of hair, or be able to get past the vanity and just not care about it anymore. It seems to rule every decision I make. Just wanted to say thanks, your words give a man like me some hope for the future of my head and how to get past all the nonsense. Also, I am sure your words help more men than you know. Thanks again!