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01-27-2011, 12:06 PM
On my 20th birthday, my grandmother, an ordinarily dry and humorless woman, sat at the dining room table giggling over a gift she had presented to me.

I opened it in front of my family and found that my grandmother had wrapped the comb and brush set that she had originally purchased for my grandfather many years earlier, after they had just started dating. We all smiled, and shot a curious look at my still giggling grandmother.

"Well," she said, "I had gotten it for Grandpa when he was about your age, and, well - he never got to use it, cause he went bald right after I gave it to him!"

The whole family had a roaring laugh over the prospect of my going bald on the spot. Well it took ten more years, but it did finally happen, and when it did begin, I began keeping a record of very short, amusing and sometimes awkward stories, anecdotes and musings on going bald, being bald and thinking bald - All it really comes down to is this; You will do what you will do, cut it, plug it, comb it, worry about it or laugh about it - as long as you can keep your perspective, you will be fine.

Please read my short stories at; Baldiestories.blogspot.com - visit the archives, there are over sixty shorts there to read and more coming. I am looking to expand the dedicated readership! 23 years and still balding and proud of it!!

I would be proud to have you read some, post some responses, and share with friends who may take solace in reading some funny stories by a baldie who is not afraid to be honest, or poke fun at his own small worries and tribulations! thanks, andy