View Full Version : anyone wear a hair system? good company?

01-23-2011, 08:13 PM
anyone have any experience with hair systems? I thought it was kind of foolish actually, but the more I have been researching it I have been thinking maybe it is something viable. The technology seems more advanced now, and it's not like having some furry animal on your head that looks out of place.

I was looking at hairdirect.com and actually that is what got me thinking about it. Then I noticed on this site that coolpiece.com and toplace.com is recommended. Does anyone know anything about dealing with any of these companies?

Pretty much I am 25, and I am a fairly confident person. The front of my head has thinned out incredibly and I mean I can rock the "jason stathom" look, but personally I prefer having hair, which frames my face. Obviously some confidence issues or I wouldn't be on this site. Mainly, I am going back to school and I'm in marketing and the problem I have is my career is very superficial. People make assumptions about you within the first 5 seconds of meeting, and I am just contemplating ways to get my self image back without surgery.

thanks for anyones input on any of those companies if you have any experience with them

Dr. Glenn Charles
01-24-2011, 07:47 PM
There are some incredibly natural hair systems available today. I use a few very reputable non surgical hair replacemnent centers for patients that are not candidates for hair transplantation or just not ready yet. They are certainly alot less detectable than they used to be. I have on many occations done a transplant to give the patients a natural hairline and the patient continues to wear a hair system behind it to cover other areas of hair loss.

01-25-2011, 02:22 AM
I guess my problem is that the front has thinned and its kind of like split. I still have hair on the left front side and the right has thinned out to really nothing. Quite odd, but I guess it happens. So I am not exactly sure how much hair loss I am going to incur. I am only 25 and it's my understanding that getting hair transplanted or restoration isn't something ideal until the hair loss has matured enough.

I have never had a consultation, but just been reading the threads. I just thought this might be something viable. On the other hand I am pretty confident person, although this shenanigans has put it to the test (mainly dealing with self image change) and personally I like the idea of just buzzing y hair down, get a tan, and carry on with my day.

I do prefer the idea of surgery though, but I don't know how reliable solution that is.