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01-20-2011, 12:42 PM
Hi Guys,

I'd like to update you on my current situation, as I've recently been asked to represent and consult for Dr. Lindsey. This is due to the ever increasing number of patients wishing to undertake HT surgery with Dr Lindsey and the numerous patients I liaise with who want to make contact with him due to his association with Dr Feller.

I am very proud to have been asked to be part of Dr Lindsey's team, who many know has been trained and is a partner of Dr Feller. I intent to support and advise his patients both on and offline, alongside my existing role at Feller Medical.

Dr Lindsey has continuously displayed unique skills and expertise with HT's, along side experience as a facial plastic surgeon, making him an ever appealing physician especially when it comes to HT repair patients and scaring. I know of many he has helped and believe the results he can achieve are nothing short of world class.

It's actually my personal intention to shortly undergo an FUE procedure with him, to once and for all rid me of my old Bosley Strip scar, which I shall document here for you all to see.

As many already know who reside on this forum community, Dr Lindsey is a fantastic surgeon who i am looking forward to working along side.

So if you are interested in consulting with Dr Lindsey, please do not hesitate to contact me directly and as I am more than happy to help in any way I can.

Email : support@spexhair.com or spexhair@hotmail.co.uk