View Full Version : Questions for Hitzig and Cooley

01-19-2011, 10:56 PM
I want to start a new thread to approach the pioneers of Acell. If you decide to post here PLEASE be respectful because they are working hard to help US. If you have doubts about the research that's totally fine but present those doubts in a constructive and polite manner. This work is for OUR benefit whether you like it or not.

My question is directed toward doctor Hitzig. Let me start by saying thank you so much for giving me hope that one day I can have my hair back. Being 23 and diffusely thinning has been a huge damper on my life and although I try to stay positive even at such a young age it is very difficult so thanks for your research and dedication to help people like me.

For diffuse thinners or people with thinning hair throughout the scalp how would you go about transplanting at this point. You had mentioned that with every plucked hair or FU you transplant you are getting many more hairs than are actually moved. Would you place them at random spots around the diffusely thinning area and hope surrounding hairs would thicken up with the implementation of PRP/Acell? Maybe do a more densely placed hairline and then randomly place the other grafts in hopes that the rest of the scalp would thicken up?

Thanks Doc.