View Full Version : No propecia for a month?

01-19-2011, 02:20 PM
Soo here's my deal. Been taking propecia for a year now and it finally started to stop my hair loss. However, in order to receive more I was forced to go back to the dermatologist and get additional blood work done. The pharmaceutical company has been taking forever to send my next month's supply and I have not taken it in almost a month. I am starting to lose my hair again after a full year of patience and persistence with the pill. After not taking it for that long will it begin to work as if I never took it in the first place and cause the massive shedding to begin again or will it go right back to preventing the hair loss? Thanks.

01-21-2011, 12:55 AM
does anyonee know???

01-21-2011, 11:08 AM
Do not stress mate - just get back on it asap - bigger picture you'll be fine:cool:


01-21-2011, 12:49 PM
My doc said that it is recomended to go one month on then one month off. I have never done this but when I mentioned to him that I was having weaker errections he said to do this because it takes longer for the effects to ware off and it will help you build up a good tolerance level.