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Big D
01-18-2011, 06:41 PM
I'm thinking of getting an FUE Hair transplant. I'm balding both in the crown and temple areas. I buzz my hair extremely short and even shave it with a razor to the skin sometimes. I have seen a reputable HT doctor who recommended anywhere between 600 - 1000 grafts in the receding hairline area to give a look or outline of hair. I know it may sound stupid to some but I'm white and you can tell on a caucasian person where there is hair and where its bald even if you shave it to the skin. I would appreciate if anyone who has had a FUE procedure performed and keep their hair short or shaved can post pics of both the donor area and recipient area. I'm concerned of the scarring there might be in the donor area and how visible it is if i decide to keep it shaved to the skin. I'd really appreciate any feedback.

01-18-2011, 11:15 PM
I have never had an FUE procedure but I can handle your question.

Even in the best hands, there's a chance that you're going to have visible scarring. Whenever you have a surgery, there's a chance that it will not heal without tell signs. There are tons of donor pics of FUE patients posted all over the place.

I HAVE seen some donor area that had as many as 3000 grafts taken but you wouldn't know that they had surgery. But those are definitely the exceptions not the rule.

How short do you buzz your hair?

There's a good chance that you may have further hairloss if you already have a balding or thinning crown. Are you on meds? They can be helpful at slowing it down or stopping it until advances are made in new meds, therapies, or surgeries.

600-1000 grafts is NOT very much. And with the likelihood that the doctor would be transplanting single-hair grafts into the frontal hairline, it might not provide a cosmetically significant result. Also, the yield/growth/transection issues with FUE still persist. Even the best doctors who have been doing FUE for a long time will say and have said that the yield and success rates are consistently lower than strip. And it's more expensive.

You should get more opinions on this before you make any big moves. The better educated you are the more likely you'll make a good decision and have a good outcome. Do searches on FUE donor areas. Consult with more docs, especially the ones on this site who do FUE.

01-19-2011, 11:37 AM
Any surgery will cause scaring - FUE causing scaring - to what degree on you well impossible to say unless you have a crystal ball. We are all different and anyone who tells you there is no visible scaring is lieing. FUE produces more scaring than strip , just not as localised or as visible.

My recommendation is if you intend to have a HT.... to then bic shave it all off ...is absolutely pointless in my humble opinion, defeats the object and certainly NOT worth the risk.

The process of hair transplantation is to move hair from A and place it in B so that you can have hair where it isn't. Shaving it all off to me just doesn't warrant the:
1. Risk
2. Time.
3. Energy
4. Effort
5. Money

I have had 5 FUE procedures in my time and i can honestly say there is scaring even from the best in the business, there will be some element of scaring. How visible it is on YOU however is an unknown so IMHO not worth the risk if your intension is to shave it all down.

Hair transplants are for growing hair , not shaving it all off, save yourself a fortunate in emotional torture and just shave down and move on.

If your intension is to grow hair out then its another deal altogether and possibly FUE and HT's are actually for you, however as long as you are well aware of FUE and its unpredictability. FUE produces lower yield too so as long as you are well informed of all the risks involved with surgery and FUE you will not have any suprises post op.

All the best

Big D
01-19-2011, 03:46 PM
First I want to thank you for both of your input i appreciate any feedback. I'm aware of the risks with FUE as well as that there is going to be scarring. To give a little more detail I am currently on propecia for the last four months... i can't tell if it's working to be honest sometimes i feel it's making my hair thinner but thats a different story.

The doctor that recommended the 600 -1000 grafts was DR. Epstein so I'm pretty confident he is a good reputable FUE doctor. I told him what my intentions were and that I might even shave my head and that is what he recommended he would do in case. He told me he would fill in the receding hairline area but not to give a distinct hairline just to put hair so that it matched my mbp. He said it would give a natural appearance of the hair slightly staring to thin as opposed to being completely bald in that area.

Spex I understand what your saying about if i completely shave my head bald and it not being worth it to grow it out. The thing for me is i don't think i look bad with really short or a shaved head but i feel there is a difference because you can see that outline when your completely bald as opposed to cutting your hair short and you have hair. For me and i only speak for myself I don't want to get an HT and try to grow my hair out if its not going to cover my entire head i'd rather keep it short or completely shaved its more youthful looking in my opinion.

I would really like to see pics of the donor area of someone who has had an FUE and is fully healed to get an idea. I know each person is different but i'm trying to get an idea that if i do decide to go forward and have the procedure done and i do end up shaving it completely whether it be now or in the future...is there going to be little dots in the back of my head.

Anyway i thank everyone for their feedback in advance... i know it might sound stupid to some but i feel the outline or at least shadowing of hair ( best way to describe it i guess) looks better than the shinny bald areas.

01-19-2011, 11:37 PM
The amount of grafts is a small amount so possibly will not create any real effect IMHO, however all depends what surface area placed over.

Has Epstein not got a variety to show you as i read recently he perform 400 FUE surgeries. If he feels confident he can help you achieve your desired look maybe he can hook you up with a few of his FUE patients in person for you to inspect and see for yourself.

I personally would want to see several and see the variety of different patients physiology to gain a good idea of what was going to occur in terms of scaring.

Please do not rush into anything.

Big D
01-20-2011, 06:22 AM
Spex thank you very much. That sound like a great idea I'm going to reach out to his consultant and ask if that is possible. He actually told me he would perform a small procedure of 25 grafts just to see how the scarring would appear.
I just don't want to have the procedure done and there is no real difference because the procedure is not cheap.