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01-09-2011, 03:11 AM
It’s my first post and maybe the last one. I occasionally visit this website and I have read some of the threads about “how hard it is to be bald”. I thought I could write about my story and maybe make a new viewpoint on this.

I’m 24 y/o. When I was about 15, I had to deal with a lot of stress brought on by social anxiety and low self-confidence. High school was like hell for me. I had to use meds to calm myself down. When I turned 17 my hair started to fall out. It was really hard to accept. I don’t want to write about my feelings in those days because I know you know what I was going through. Anyway, when I was 18 I had to prepare myself for pre-university exam. (I should mention that I’m Iranian. in Iran, students have to attend in an annual pre-college exam and compete with about one million and half other students all over the country. So yes, it’s really hard). That year I could study well (because I didn’t have to go to school). I got a good score and got in the college as a medical student.
College was worse. My hair began to fall out more than before. I still had to take meds for my anxiety. 1st and 2nd years of college were the worst years of my life. I really was under strain. I’m glad they are over. Once I even had to go to hospital because of GI-bleeding (as there was no pathologic finding about my bleeding, it was diagnosed as a psychosomatic disease).
Anyway, at the age of 22, I had lost my hair on top and front of my head totally, in spite of using Minoxidil.

Everything started to change when I got in the hospital as a medical student. It was like I entered a new world. I saw many things there, things that changed my way of thinking. I never can forget the first history that I took. I asked a woman standing near a patient, if the patient was her mother. She said:”no, she is my daughter”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The patient looked like a 58 years old woman while she was only 28 y/o. she had been diabetic (type one) since she was a kid. She had to inject insulin 3 times a day. Her kidneys were incompetent so she had to use haemodialysis 3 times a week, 3-4 hours each time. I see these things every day. I see babies with congenital anomalies, old men and women fighting death, beautiful kids with leukemia losing their hair because of chemotherapy, etc. these scenes made me content with what I am. I always thought I was the most miserable guy in the world. “I didn’t had past and I won’t have the future” this is what I would think about most of times. But I understood I was not miserable. I am healthy, what is better than it? It’s the best gift god has given me. Thanks god. I learnt these things I started to change my mind. Life still was harsh and my bald-look still would suck though.

Another thing that made me content was thinking about the world not in a materialistic way but in a spiritual way. I wasn’t a devout muslim. Life made me think about the purpose of my creation. “Why am I here? Why god created me?” these questions were flying in my mind every day. I concluded I’m not faithful enough, because if I believe in god, I should accept that he wants me the way I am.
There is a verse in Quran which says:”in judgement day, they (people) feel that they haven’t stayed in the world but for a few hours of a day…” (my translation?:)). Think of it. This world is fleeting. No one will stay in here forever, And in the other world, god will ask us what we have spent our lives on and what we have done with our bodies, and being bald is not a good excuse for not doing anything. I concluded that I was suffering because I had lost my main purpose in this world. I was moping everyday and wasting my life thinking about what I don’t have, without thinking about this fact that I won’t stay in here forever. My body is just a shell and I have to make my real face beautiful…
Thinking that way makes me feel so much better. I don’t hate myself anymore. I don’t care about my bald head (My hairline is still receding though).
Anyway, I know I might be younger than you, but I wrote this post to maybe change your mind about baldness and tell you not to waste your life, accept your fate, be content with what you are, thank god for whatever he has granted to you, ignore your negative thoughts about yourself and your life and don’t waste your life in nonsense.

Thank you for reading, Sorry if there was any grammar or writing mistake and God bless you.

01-09-2011, 04:37 AM
Jazakallah khair, amazing post brother :)
I too well i am almost over my hairloss after seeing that many other people have more worse off situations then me...For example there is this video on the internet site, Youtube called 'Elephant man', it brought tears to my eyes to see the suffering that he must go through, and made me realise how lucky i am to be healthy both physically and mentally.

I too am quite young, at 16 and have decided that if i go bald it is gods will, and i will just learn to accept it :)

and my hair line has receded even further than it was two weeks ago as hairloss seems to be pretty rapid too me.

I wish you well with your future :)