View Full Version : How severly is the hair cycle 'disrupted' by medication?

12-30-2010, 04:40 AM
Hi Guys,

Me in brief;
Jan2010 started using Rogaine Foam 5%
FEB2010 added 1mg generic propecia + 2% nizoral
--shedding did increase with the pillow getting quite hairy.
MAR2010 changed to generic avodart
APR2010 started using spectral minoxidil 5%
JUL2010 switched back to generic propecia
--shedding not noticeably out of the norm.
OCT2010 started using kirkland minox 5% - ITCH starts - have stated to use t-gel.
NOV2010 switched to genuine propecia - I seem to itch all over & after applying kirkland at night I have started to wake up with my head itching all over.

I have always been told by family & hairdressers I have fine hair and when I started meds I had general thinning on top which was getting worse.
When I was using avodart it seemed to give my hairline a battering (of course it might just be coincidence) with a couple of small bald spots in the hairline developing. When the course finished I just went back to fin.

Around SEPT2010 the top of the temples seemed to thin out more than anywhere else and you can see the 'island' of hair forming at the front.
Can't say I've seen any results/visible improvement - to be honest I avoid mirrors and seeing my hair. On last close inspection of my hairline, there is some 'peach fuzz' at the top of the temples - but I cannot say if this is miniturising or regrowth. When I shampoo after a good scrub sometimes I find 10-15 hairs on my hands other times 20-30 - again these could be just from the back.
During the day I do notice I shed a fair bit. Sitting at my desk I can ruffle my hair and 2-3 hairs will fall onto the desk. Other times I just notice hairs on documents/keyboard in front of me. When I check they all have the tiny white bulb on the end.

MY QUESTION is; how does the use of these medications effect/disrupt the normal hair life cycle?
ie, if normal daily shedding is 50-100 hairs and 10% of all your hair follicles are in the resting phase at any one time - how is this cycle altered when you add minox & fin?
Is the the medication expected to kick-start your follicles or shock them into the resting phase?

I read a fair bit about giving it 12-18 months and as I'm approaching those milestones, I or my pics can't say there is noticeable improvement yet.

I welcome hearing about your experiences.